Miami's Hot Commodity; Stone Crabs Feed Presidents and Locals

One restaurant keeps stone crabs in a locked kitchen vault that opens with a fingerprint scan.
1:17 | 10/28/13

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Transcript for Miami's Hot Commodity; Stone Crabs Feed Presidents and Locals
Finally tonight we went in search of one of the most sought after items on the menu here in miami locked in a vault but we cracked the code and then had other cracking to do. Reporter: They take us straight back toward the kitchen at the famous joe's stone crab here in miami. This kitchen is a mad house, stone crab season has just begun. You can get run over. I'll keep that in mind. Reporter: In the back, what they call the vault, the locked freezer. You have to scan your finger print just to get in. It doesn't work for me because only 8 people have access. Stone crabs harvested off the coast of florida. They fetch a big price. The cooler kept at 30 degrees. We could see our breath. They're about to get me ready to crack them. The white coat, the blue bib and the glasses. I'm ready. Reporter: This is their cracking station. They have been doing this for 100 years now. It all started with this shack, a couple from hengry, the weiss family still at it. Clinton and both bushes, first lady barbara bush sending a thank you note. You got to hit it just right here, just right here and right here. Reporter: Do it wrong and you've wasted a lot of money, not to mention someone's dinner. Are you ready? Am I ready? Reporter: Putting on the gloves. Was that too hard? Yeah. That was too hard. That was good. All right. It's my first one. Reporter: Getting the hang of it and that's a good thing because this order, 80 bucks for just five jumbo claws. This plate that I just cracked, this goes out to somebody out there, some poor soul is go to eat it? That's exactly it. We find a waiter. You're taking my stone crabs out to someone. Did you crack it? I did. Reporter: One unsuspecting family. Is it perfection? Perfect. Patricia and her daughter, taste test. How did we do. Reporter: What follows for them is coming from the back. The famous key lime pies. Did you make these? I did not. But you serve them? We serve them. Reporter: Finally when my shift was over, the reward. Amazing. A rough assignment for me. Fusion has hit the air. Take a look over my shoulder here. They're on the air. We'll give you a little hint of what fusion is all about. For diane and all of us here at abc news and fusion, good night.

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{"id":20709516,"title":"Miami's Hot Commodity; Stone Crabs Feed Presidents and Locals","duration":"1:17","description":"One restaurant keeps stone crabs in a locked kitchen vault that opens with a fingerprint scan.","url":"/WNT/video/miamis-hot-commodity-stone-crabs-feed-presidents-locals-20709516","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}