Military Shakeup at the Highest Levels

Elite commander in the Air Force and the number two ranking officer for nuclear weapons dismissed.
2:01 | 10/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Military Shakeup at the Highest Levels
We start with a developing story, a shake up at the highest level of the u.S. Military. A top general in charge of nuclear weapons fired, and this comes 48 hours after another top military commander was dismissed. Abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz has been talking to her sources, has the latest. These officers have some of the highest clearances you can get and have been in charge of the nation's most sensitive nuclear arsenal. A stunning chain of events today michael carrie, the two star general responsible for the nation's three intercontinental ballistic wings fired from his command. The reason personal misbehavior on a military business trip. This comes 48 hours after president obama himself relieved the number two in command over the nation's nuclear arsenal over his suspected use of counterfeit poker chips. These follow an alarming string of general officers losing their jobs this year for inappropriate behavior, misconduct or lack of leadership. Two marine corps generals fired less than two weeks ago for not providing proper force protection in afghanistan. An army general relieved for adultery. An army two star general fired for groping a civilian. In march a navy one star removed for racially insensitive comments and abuses if leadership. Last spring, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff was so concerned about all of the high profile cases, he sent a letter to pentagon brass urging a recommitment to ethical leadership. The navy has been the most aggressive in taking its officers to task, at least 16 commanders have been fired this year. The bad news is how much this is happening, diane. But the good news is that the services are taking action. Martha raddatz reporting in tonight. Thank you, martha.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"Elite commander in the Air Force and the number two ranking officer for nuclear weapons dismissed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"20549462","title":"Military Shakeup at the Highest Levels ","url":"/WNT/video/military-shakeup-highest-levels-20549462"}