Millions across the Midwest are bracing for severe weather

Nearly 40 reported tornadoes have been moving across six states since Friday.
3:15 | 05/19/19

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Transcript for Millions across the Midwest are bracing for severe weather
I'm Tom llamas. We begin tonight with the looming threat. Significantly dangerous weather about to strike after days of severe storms across the center of the country. Nearly 40 reported tornadoes in six states, including this monster. Look at that in minneola, Kansas. The damage everywhere you look in Oklahoma. Another day of heavy rain and flash flooding. Dangers in parts of Texas as well. The most severe risks, a one-two punch for parts of the plains already hard-hit. ABC's rob Marciano starts off us in the storm zone of Oklahoma. Reporter: Tonight, millions across the center of the country bracing for another dangerous round of severe storms. Many communities haven't even finished picking up the pieces following a destructive take a look at this damage in ft. Smith, Arkansas, after an ef-1 tornado uprooted trees, crushed cars, and left thousands without power. To the east in Little Rock, parts of this motel ripped off, littering the parking lot. If you guys can see, there's actually a car underneath all of that debris. Reporter: Nearly 40 reported tornadoes barreling across six states since Friday. 100 yards getting closer. Reporter: These storm chasers trailing one twister. Roll your window up. Reporter: Coming within mere feet of potential tragedy. Instead they were able to capture these stunning images in Kansas. In Abilene, Texas, officials declaring a disaster declaration after an ef-2 shredded trees and left some homes barely standing. Then another ef-2 in geronimo, Oklahoma, this town cleaning up from another storm with winds up to 130 miles per hour. I seen the tree, it was like it was going to come in the window. So the tree hit your wall and and the wall hit your back. And the collapsed all in a matter of seconds. Yeah. Reporter: Now the residents in the greatest risk for potentially more tornadoes. Are you worried tomorrow? Yeah, I'm worried. There's going to be another one and I'm not going to be around here. Reporter: Officials warning residents across the plains to be prepared and stay alert when that next round hits in less than 24 hours. Rob Marciano joining us now from geronimo, Oklahoma. We can see the damage behind you. You're in the bull's-eye tomorrow. Time it out for us. We know there's a severe weather threat for the great Lakes and the northeast. Yeah, that is happening right now. The folks here don't want to hear that the threat is here again tomorrow for potentially violent storms. Let's start with that. Here is the Orange, the red. That is the danger zone and that doesn't include where I'm standing. Western Oklahoma and parts of the Texas panhandle and up to Tulsa and Wichita, we could see destructive winds, very large hail, and not just tornadoes but tornado on the ground for a very long time. Large, violent tornadoes. That is what is scary. Tomorrow average especially. Right now, Indiana, Michigan, much of Pennsylvania, New York, and new England have seen damaging storms from the severe weather in part because of the heat and humidity. That is going to continue with the east coast, the warmest, most humid air of the season and here in tornado alley, potentially the most destructive storms of the seasonal as well. Certainly what residents here don't want to hear. Tom? Rob, you stay safe as that weather moves in.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"Nearly 40 reported tornadoes have been moving across six states since Friday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"63140731","title":"Millions across the Midwest are bracing for severe weather","url":"/WNT/video/millions-midwest-bracing-severe-weather-63140731"}