Missing Women and Race

Does race play a role in how the media covers a story?
2:33 | 07/11/13

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Transcript for Missing Women and Race
Earlier this week we celebrated the three women who broke free from the house of horrors in cleveland. There are so many missing tonight and a lot of people will tell you you too not see their stories on tv. Steven osunsami on the case of race, reporting and the dedicated team that will not give up. Reporter: Long after the search for those three missing women in cleveland grew cold -- you have a missing friend. Reporter: Derrica wilson and her sister-in-law natalie were still burning a candle for gina DeJESUS, SHARING HER PHOTOS AND Working the phones until the very day she came home alive. The wilsons believe they are answering god's assignment, trying to help families find missing persons who they believe the authorities and we in the media have forgotten. All because the victims are of color or poor. This young lady is missing. Reporter: Since 2008 they have helped police bring more than 120 people home. Their days start early with tips from anonymous sources who call in or send them messages online. They canvas city streets with photos of missing black children and share whatever they find with police. If you google natalee holloway how many impressions would you get? If you google unique harris who is miss k from d.C., The story is not the same. Our people deserve to be found. There is someone who loves them, too. Absolutely. Reporter: TWICE A MONTH They pull a support group of families still searching for their sons and daughters. What do you think is happening? It's an assumption that we're not really missing. We're hiding out or we're not of that class that we would -- someone would actually take us. Reporter: At least one study confirms their fears, showing that even though black americans are more than a third of yearly cases, less than 20% make the national news. The wilsons say that news coverage matters. After new york investigators had given up on 16-year-old initial green they went on abc's "the view" and just hours later there was this tearful reunion. It's a moment every one of their families desperately needs. It doesn't matter what your skin color is. If your loved one is missing you feel the same exact way. Your heart bleeds the same exact way. Steven osunsami, abc news, washington.

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{"id":19644298,"title":"Missing Women and Race","duration":"2:33","description":"Does race play a role in how the media covers a story?","url":"/WNT/video/missing-women-race-19644298","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}