Monster Twisters Caught on Tape

At least four tornadoes touch down in Kansas; heavy rain and winds on its way.
2:27 | 05/19/13

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Transcript for Monster Twisters Caught on Tape
Dangerous scene playing out across much of the heartland at this hour several cities taking cover. At these pictures just coming in from Oklahoma City tonight you can see the fears cloud -- there on the horizon sending debris in every direction knocking out power already. ABC year old -- -- Jersey had been warning all of us that in the last 24 hours if this Sunday night to severe weather would take -- -- far more populated areas. That's exactly what's unfolding at this hour it's believed there's been significant damage. All of that developing right balance on -- bringing ginger who is just outside Wichita Kansas tonight the sky darkening just as she was getting ready to come on the -- with us ginger. David -- storm chasing all afternoon and looked behind me -- The storm that brought the tornado big think -- Wichita Kansas it is now moving off to our north and east we know there -- a tornado on the ground near Oklahoma City -- them very active and fluid situation we will bring you the latest details about the night. But as wild weather weekend so far. -- across the campus landscape multiple violent tornado watch as lightning illuminates this twister in Sanford Kansas. That tornado also touched down near Roosevelt where it was -- from every angle possible. -- hail pounding down. -- -- this windshield in Nebraska. In Oklahoma City sixty miles per hour winds toppled power lines and as it as just another -- There's been more than 300 reports of severe weather in just the last two days major highways and turning into rivers these semis stuck in North Dakota. And in Georgia parts of Atlanta under water roads crumbled after up to seven inches of rain fell overnight. Steady an intense downpour flooding that yards this place at submerged by the rising waters. Earlier Brendan from -- two. Seeks. -- -- And again across the plains today Storm Chasers like me are bracing for more. David the threat is far from over let me show you this Matt tonight here's who needs to be concerned anywhere from Oklahoma City to Kansas City that's -- immediate threat. But the large severe weather threat goes to Minnesota to Texas. And tomorrow the storm moves slowly to the east from Chicago down to Texas all of the planes included here going to be another tornadic and severe weather day.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"At least four tornadoes touch down in Kansas; heavy rain and winds on its way.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"19213527","title":"Monster Twisters Caught on Tape","url":"/WNT/video/monster-twisters-caught-tape-19213527"}