Mothers and Grandmothers In Syria In Their Own Words

Behind the veil are women who are caught in the crisis carrying weapons.
3:00 | 09/04/13

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Transcript for Mothers and Grandmothers In Syria In Their Own Words
Now we want to take you inside syria. We have managed to obtain new video revealing the startling lives of some women who live beneath the veil there. It's part of an abc news division wide effort syria caught in the cross fire, tonight the mothers and grandmothers who carry guns and send a message to the world. Abc's muhammad lila reporting from the region for u Reporter: Hidden in a school with concrete walls and no electricity, they are women, mothers and daughters raising their families, volunteering to teach as a war rages around them. A mortar shell landed close to here the woman says, the students were terrified. But these aren't just ordinary teachers. Beneath the vals they wear for their religion, they carry a secret. They have been trained as rebel snipers, patrolling to keep their neighborhood safe. We were housewives. We were with our children raising them. She says the regime made us like this. They're the ones who made us come out and train with weapons. This woman shows off ammunition the rebels captured. Another walks to a sniper hole, aiming at a regime soldier she says is targeting them. Whether it's a woman, whether it's a child, she says, even the doctors, they're still targeted. Syria's president bashar al-assad says these are armed religious extremists. These women say they've no choice but to defend themselves. Even as they speak just listen. You can hear mortars and gunfire in the background. We're not afraid for ourselves. Wither's afraid for the civilians. Did you hear the mortar that just fell? The woman insisted they're not terrorists. We're not weak women she says, quite the opposite. As a result of this, we've become much stronger than we were before, a strength they'll now need, shouting god is great, as they disappear through the wall onto their next mission. Muhammad lila, abc news on the turkish syrian border. We will have another video report tomorrow night from syrians caught in the cross

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{"id":20160502,"title":"Mothers and Grandmothers In Syria In Their Own Words","duration":"3:00","description":"Behind the veil are women who are caught in the crisis carrying weapons. ","url":"/WNT/video/mothers-grandmothers-syria-words-20160502","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}