Netherlands a Nation in Mourning

Somber procession of coffins from Malaysia Airlines flight 17 stretches for miles as victims return home.
2:17 | 07/23/14

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Transcript for Netherlands a Nation in Mourning
We take you now to the Netherlands a nation in mourning tonight because of the passengers on the jet that was blown out of the sky over Ukraine. The procession of coffins stretching for miles as the first wave of victims came home flies at half staff. Sea of flowers. And this sign demanding justice for flight seventeen. Maybe she's on -- Hassan is there with the suffering and the search for answers tonight. Yeah. And plus souls -- signs today bells rang signaling the homecoming was under way. From town squares to train station. To -- at airports time stood still. Onboard the two military planes -- wooden coffins the first of the planes victims. Carried off to a deafening -- it. In front of grieving relatives hidden away from the cameras behind screens and touch royalty. Then the procession an armada of -- And thousands of strangers lined the streets to picture of the Iraq. Very black day for everybody. Especially Laura people from this part of the country. There is sadness and -- -- month for justice the bullies debate coming -- five days off to the crash. But today for the families of passengers from twelve countries across that the boat was about profound loss. Through the morning investigation carried on the world demanding concerts tonight the black boxes now in the hands of the experts who say they do not appear time. -- -- This while the rebels -- -- signs of backing down today accused of shooting down two Ukrainian fighter jets. Tonight here in the Netherlands now that the victims all finally coming home the grim process of identifying the bodies will begin but the Dutch prime minister. Warning that that -- says could take months. So still a long and painful road ahead for some of those companies Diane thank you so much -- have them.

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{"id":24687615,"title":"Netherlands a Nation in Mourning","duration":"2:17","description":"Somber procession of coffins from Malaysia Airlines flight 17 stretches for miles as victims return home.","url":"/WNT/video/netherlands-nation-mourning-24687615","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}