Newlyweds Both Receive and Give a Kidney

The life-saving gifts now bonding two families forever.
1:36 | 12/28/15

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Transcript for Newlyweds Both Receive and Give a Kidney
And finally tonight, it was a gift exchange like no other. Total strangers, now connected forever by the present that arrived just in time. Here's John donvan. Reporter: The day that jay Matuska and Jackie sitkowski married in Milwaukee, they had just been given some of the best news they'd ever hear. We were doing the rehearsal and we both looked at our phones. Reporter: And heard this message. So, your tests look good. Very good. Reporter: Meaning that for jay, who needed a kidney transplant, a match had just been found. Found, hundreds of miles away in Georgia, where a man they had never met, Blake Underwood, had volunteered one of his own kidneys for the newlyweds. I was just grateful to be in a position to help. Reporter: Here's the twist. Blake was hoping to give a kidney to his own mother, who needed a transplant, too. But he wasn't a match. Guess who was? Jay's bride, Jackie, in Milwaukee. She's very passionate about helping others and she stepped up right away and volunteered. Reporter: And so, the two kidneys traded addresses, and saved two lives. Now, two families who couldn't be more connected, have connected for the first time. Thank you. I definitely thank you and appreciate you. We share that same feeling, and we're very grateful. I'm so grateful to them for coming forward and thankful that a match was made. Reporter: And from us, congrats on your marriage, your mom, and the new future for all four of you. Since not all gifts this time of year come in through the chimney. John donvan, ABC news. Congratulations indeed.

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{"duration":"1:36","description":"The life-saving gifts now bonding two families forever.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"35968349","title":"Newlyweds Both Receive and Give a Kidney","url":"/WNT/video/newlyweds-receive-give-kidney-35968349"}