North Korea Warning: Evacuate Embassies

Russian and British embassies in Pyongyang evacuate as situation intensifies.
2:08 | 04/05/13

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Transcript for North Korea Warning: Evacuate Embassies
with that mysterious nation, north korea turning up heat tonight. Telling foreign embassies in north korea to evacuate. Saying that starting now, they cannot guarantee the safety of their citizens. Tonight, we ask, how iminnocent is the danger? How is the u.S. Prepared to respond? Abc's bob woodruff is on the ground in seoul, south korea tonight. Reporter: The images show a nation tonight ready for a fight. North korea issuing its ominous warning to foreign embassies that their safety cannot be GUARANTEED AFTER APRIL 10th. The tension now rattling businesses. General motors saying it's making contingency plans for the safety of its employees if the conditions deteriorate. The prospect of the north flexing its muscles of firing a missile even if their target is the middle of the ocean, puts the u.S. In a tricky place, forced to make a decision. Does america shoot it down to show support for south korea and japan? There's only going to be seconds to react and they're going to have to be almost on autopilot when they see this launch occur. If we do shoot it down, it could be very provocative because it would be a big embarrassment to kim jong-un. Reporter: That could provoke the young leader even more. Here in downtown seoul the streets are full, the markets are bustling, there is even music blasting here. But the big question is, we're only about 30 miles away from the border with north korea, so, what if they launch another missile? What would the leaders of this country do about it? If south korea responds with force, it too could set off a bigger conflict. Tonight, in south korea, they are aware of the risk, but life goes on. "I am feeling the rising tensions personally these days," this man says. We met the wives of american soldiers, too. They are all too used to the tension. When the military wives are talking about it, that's the only different. Different ruler, new guy. But everything's the same. Reporter: Today, the u.S. Embassy told american citizens they don't have to take anymore precautions, that they are safe right here in south corey kra. But the focus tonight, david, is, of course, onto n korea and what it is going to do next.

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{"id":18892550,"title":"North Korea Warning: Evacuate Embassies","duration":"2:08","description":"Russian and British embassies in Pyongyang evacuate as situation intensifies.","url":"/WNT/video/north-korea-warning-evacuate-embassies-18892550","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}