Nunes' secret White House visit on Trump surveillance triggers calls for recusal

Refusing to recuse himself, Nunes also cancels all of the intelligence committee's meetings.
4:09 | 03/29/17

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Transcript for Nunes' secret White House visit on Trump surveillance triggers calls for recusal
We begin with several major developments involving the white house and the pressure mounting on capitol hill. The congressman who's leading what suppose to be an independent investigation into Russian meddling with the trump team. From Democrats saying his on jikt ifr jiktivety is under question. A secret meeting on white house grounds on on the night before that happened. No word who he met with. Will this investigation truly be independent. The white house was asked about the cloud of this investigation hanging over the president. The press secretary lashing out. ABC ice Mary Bruce leading us from capitol hill. Reporter: The Republican chairman is defiant brushing off concerns he's too cozy with the white house. To oversee that investigation into Russia's election med ling. Why not recuse yourself from this investigation? I still don't know why. If you guys give me a reason to recuse myself, I might consider it. Your critics say you are just too close to the trump administration to lead this investigation. Reporter: Other Republicans are voicing concerns. I think he owes his committee members who he met with. Reporter: Now nunes and the white house are both denying a new report they tried to block former acting attorney general Sally Yates from testifying before the committee. To suggest in any way, shape or form that we stood in the way of that is 100% false. Reporter: Yates was the first official to inform the white house that trump's then-national security adviser Michael Flynn had lied about his conversations with the Russian ambassador. A holdover from the Obama administration, she was later fired for refusing to defend the president's travel ban. She was supposed to testify on capitol hill today as part of the Russia investigation, but then, a twist. In a letter, the justice department warned that her conversations with the white house were "Likely covered by presidential communications privilege," adding, "She needs to consult with the white house" about whether she could testify. Yates's attorney then wrote to the white house council, saying she should be allowed to speak because top administration officials had been speaking publicly about the matter. No response. And that same day, congressman nunes postponed the Russia hearing altogether. Did anyone at the white house direct you to postpone the Yates testimony? Oh, gosh. You guys ask the same questions over and over again. But did they? Did anyone at the white house -- No. That's a total false story. Reporter: And from the white house? If they choose to move forward, great. We have no problem with her testifying, plain and simple. Reporter: On capitol hill, Democrats demanded the hearing be rescheduled immediately. We hope that it will be speedily rescheduled. That's certainly what we're pushing for. Reporter: But nunes is now going even further, cancelling all of the intelligence committee's meetings. The president tweeting the Russia story is a hoax. If the president puts Russian salad dressing on his salad tonight, somehow that's a Russian connection. The facts are that every single person who has been briefed on this subject has come away with the same conclusion. At some point, April, you're going to have to take no for an answer with respect to whether or not there was collusion. Reporter: But the FBI director has made it very clear. These questions have not been answered. And the agency is still investigating whether there was any collusion between the trump campaign and Russia. Mary Sean spicer clearly frustrated there. At some point saying you have to take no for answer over possible Russian collusion. The FBI director told the American people there is an FBI investigation. What support for nunes from fellow Republicans on the hill. He questions nunes' on jek jektsivety. The speaker of house was asked if nunes should recuse himself, his answer was one word -- no. David. Mary, thank you. The other major development tonight, president trump taking

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Refusing to recuse himself, Nunes also cancels all of the intelligence committee's meetings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"46433400","title":"Nunes' secret White House visit on Trump surveillance triggers calls for recusal","url":"/WNT/video/nunes-secret-white-house-visit-trump-surveillance-triggers-46433400"}