Officials adjust plans amid new coronavirus hospitalizations

The FDA has issued a new warning regarding hydroxychloroquine as Miami and other cities slam the brakes on reopening after an alarming surge in cases.
2:46 | 06/16/20

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Transcript for Officials adjust plans amid new coronavirus hospitalizations
minutes after police first took Floyd into custody. Now to the coronavirus, cases rising in 21 states and Puerto Rico. Hospitalizations are up in 11 states tonight, including Texas, Arizona, Florida and now what they're saying in south Florida tonight. And what the fda is now saying about hydroxychloroquine. Here's ABC's Marcus Moore. Reporter: Their beaches reopened just days ago, but tonight, an alarming spike in the number of covid-19 cases has the mayors of Miami and Miami beach pumping the brakes on the next phase of restarting their economies. But we definitely do want to sound the alarm. We are seeing an uptick, particularly in the age demographic 18 to 35 and particularly after memorial day weekend. Reporter: It comes after Florida hit its highest single day of cases over the weekend. Some bars in the state shutting their doors after employees tested positive. Kat Layton says she and 11 friends got the virus after a night out in Jacksonville beach. I do regret going out that night. I was one of those people that -- I'm the walking person that was just fighting this thing, like, ah, come on, it's not that serious. And I got it. Reporter: Today the fda revoking emergency authorization for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, saying the two malaria drugs are "Unlikely to be effective" in fighting covid-19. The fda going further, saying the drugs reduce the effectiveness of remdesivir when given together. The president has touted the anti-malaria drugs, and has taken them himself, today he was pressed on the fda's move, deferring to the HHS secretary. If a doctor wished to prescribe it, working with a patient, they may prescribe it for any purpose that they wish to do so. And this actually removes a potential barrier to that. So it actually uncomplicated it. It does. Reporter: Tonight, the number of cases on the rise in 21 states across the country and Puerto Rico. In Texas, hospitalizations hitting a record high over the weekend. I think the key message is that we may be tired of this virus, but this virus is not tired of us. Reporter: In Arizona, hospitals seeing a record number of patients on ventilators and people showing up at the E.R.S. Nearly a month after the stay at home order was lifted in Arizona, some restaurants in the Phoenix area have had to temporarily close again after cases linked to restaurants. Also tonight, new concern about church services. In West Virginia, the national Guard decontaminating this church after an outbreak infected at least 28 people. We're also being told that maybe we didn't use the level of caution there. Maybe we didn't social distance properly or properly wear masks. Reporter: David, here in Texas, there's a debate about what to do next. City leaders in Houston have said, if this gets worse, they might have to push to consider closing the city again. Ultimately, it's up to the governor, and so far, he's showing no signs of doing that. David? ? Marcus Moore in Dallas, thank President trump tonight is now responding to authorities in

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"The FDA has issued a new warning regarding hydroxychloroquine as Miami and other cities slam the brakes on reopening after an alarming surge in cases. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"71265006","title":"Officials adjust plans amid new coronavirus hospitalizations","url":"/WNT/video/officials-adjust-plans-amid-coronavirus-hospitalizations-71265006"}