Palestinians Frustrated With President Obama

Protests and vandalized posters mar the president's tour of the Holy Land.
3:09 | 03/22/13

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Transcript for Palestinians Frustrated With President Obama
Overseas this evening and to the president on that trip to the middle east. And this evening, in jordan. And while there, facing tough questions over the major worry in that region, iran. And how far america will go to stop iran from gaining a nuclear weapon. Israel has said it would take out iran's nuclear facilities if iran gets close. Iran threatening now to fight back. Abc's jon karl traveling with the president, asking the president, is the u.S. Ready if iran acts? Reporter: Are you prepared to deal with the fallout that would come after a military strike against iran's nuclear facilities? First of all, jon, the best resolution of this situation is through dip phone lomacy. They should be fully integrated into the international xhupty. That should be the vision. Not threats to raise israeli cities to the ground. But yes, I will maintain every option that's available to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon, because I think the consequences for the region and for the world would be extraordinarily dangerous. Our chief white house correspondent jon karl there with the pointed question for the president. There is another powerful image from the region tonight. Look at this. Protesters in the west bank with this poster. Evoking that famous hope campaign poster, instead, the president's face vandalized. A mbol of the frustration felt by the palestinians, even as he speaks out for an independent palestine while on his trip. So, why are they so angry? Abc's alex marquardt tonight from jerusalem. Reporter: President obama's last day here took him to bethlehem, the biblical birthplace of jesus, a highlight of this trip that has strengthened bonds with israelis, but frustrated palestinians. They've vented their anger with protests, with those posters, fueled, in large part, by obama not condemning israel's settlements, the building of houses on land long held by palestinians. Families like the gharibs. Today, their house is an island, this is how over the past 30 years, a nearby israeli settlement has grown, swallowing up almost half their land. The rest cut off by a security fence. "It's like we're in a prison. We have cameras, gates, fences and walls." So, why do you stay? "This is my homeland. This is my house," he says, "the israelis are stealing the land day and night." Reaching parts of their land requires a special permit. They're just explaining that this whole hillside below the settlement is their land and it's full of olive trees and in order to get over there to pick the olives, they need permission from the israeli military to get through these gates and cross this road. Reporter: The israelis see it differently. Arguing that jews were here on this very land thousands of years ago. Do you understand why this family is angry that much of their land was taken? No. Reporter: You don't see it that way? No. Reporter: The beauty of these lush green rolling hills is obvious. But a solution here, far from it. Alex marquardt, abc news, in the west bank.

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{"id":18794381,"title":"Palestinians Frustrated With President Obama","duration":"3:09","description":"Protests and vandalized posters mar the president's tour of the Holy Land.","url":"/WNT/video/palestinians-frustrated-president-obama-18794381","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}