Papal Protest: Followers Upset By Changes to Religious Custom

Traditionalists slam Pope Francis for changes in Easter service, appearance on TV.
1:48 | 03/30/13

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Transcript for Papal Protest: Followers Upset By Changes to Religious Custom
francis made a very rare appearance on a television show in italy tonight as they revealed the shroud of turin. And at services on this easter saturday, he made some changes shortening some of the readings and rituals. That's not the only change noticed by catholics, some upset with his departure from tradition. Alex perez is very cat the vatican. Alex? Reporter: David, this is the holiest weekend on the catholic calendar, and the faithful have come here from around the world, and the new pope is marking the weekend with many firsts. ♪ on italian television today, the pope did something popes rarely do, participating in a broadcast special on the shroud of turin. Reporter: The pope referred to it as a symbol of hope, but, like his predecessors, never declaring the holy icon to be the genuine cloth that covered christ's crucified body. It's the first televised showing in 40 years of the shroud, only the second time in history. And continuing his style of breaking with tradition, the pope angered some traditionalists this week. Instead of washing the feet of 12 priests on holy thursday, the pope disregarded church custom and washed the feet of 12 prisoners, including a muslim woman. Only men are supposed to be part of the ritual. The first pope from latin america is setting a new tone with the papacy, choosing to wear simple white vestments, shake hands with the public, and focus on the poor. I think priests are identifying in a very powerful way with francis' way of presenting the priesthood as a task of service, of humility, of being in contact with the people. Reporter: Now, tomorrow is the big easter celebration mass here at st. Peter's square. The pope will offer his eubie et usual by address, his

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{"id":18847573,"title":"Papal Protest: Followers Upset By Changes to Religious Custom","duration":"1:48","description":"Traditionalists slam Pope Francis for changes in Easter service, appearance on TV.","url":"/WNT/video/papal-protest-followers-upset-religious-custom-18847573","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}