Paralympic snowboarder finds success on and off the slopes

Mike Schultz has his eyes on the Paralympic Games and owns a prosthesis company.
2:41 | 02/09/18

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Transcript for Paralympic snowboarder finds success on and off the slopes
Finally tonight, made in America, and we think this champion deserves a medal already. Reporter: This is how 36-year-old snowboarder, Mike Schultz, spends his afternoons. In St. Cloud, Minnesota, and setting his sights on paralympic gold. But before Mike hits the slopes he suits up with a leg he invented. It's such a process getting ready. Reporter: Screwing his leg in, making sure it's secure. Gotta make sure all your nuts and bolts are tight too. Reporter: Knee pads. Then pants. Then boots. Then it's time. Let's go outside in subzero weather. Reporter: Mike is training for his first winter paralympic games. Competing in the grueling snowboard cross and bank slalom. Racing toward a dream that was nearly destroyed in 2008. An accident during a snowmobile competition, taking us to the mountain where he worked the ski lift as a boy, telling us about the day that changed and almost took his life. I was making a pass down the hill, and I got thrown from my machine and landed on my left leg. Reporter: The injury catastrophic. They did what they could to try to save my leg, but unfortunately, we couldn't get it fixed and we had to amputate. Reporter: The long road to recovery, learning to walk again, and starting to train as he did before, determined to get back on the snow. I knew to take it one day at a time, and then eventually started working on a new prosthetic leg which helped me to look forward. Reporter: The legs out there weren't letting him play the sports he of led, so he went to work in his garage. Here's my personal leg, red white and blue of course. Reporter: Using that drafting class from the ninth grade, and using his patience. He created this leg. So as you put your weight into it -- Reporter: It could absorb the shock of high intensity sports. I realize that a lot of other amputees would benefit from the technology I was working on, and we're helping out all kinds of athletes and veterans getting back into action. Reporter: Tonight, more than 100 soldiers, cancer survivors, using his leg. I'm on the snow board team competing against guys using the same equipment. We're going to make a mess right now. Break loose little tabs here. Reporter: His metal is his family. Even Tony the tiger, right there on the box, reminding Mike how far he has already come. It's kind of crazy how one thing can lead to another if you keep your eyes open to it and, you know, just kind of get out of your comfort zone. Just talk a chance and see how it works out. We have definitely rooting for you, Mike, and all our olympians. I'm David Muir. Hope to see you right back here From Boston's news leader,

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{"id":52973129,"title":"Paralympic snowboarder finds success on and off the slopes","duration":"2:41","description":"Mike Schultz has his eyes on the Paralympic Games and owns a prosthesis company.","url":"/WNT/video/paralympic-snowboarder-finds-success-off-slopes-52973129","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}