The People's Pope

Pope Francis calls for a church "for the poor" and explains why he chose his name.
1:36 | 03/16/13

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Transcript for The People's Pope
Hope Francis already being dubbed the people's -- this evening revealing in his own words. Why he chose the name Frances this as he prepares to meet with Pope Benedict historic bid to living hopes which share a visit. ABC's Ron Claiborne is in Vatican City tonight -- good evening. It was an unusual kind of open house the new role playing host to the thousands of journalists here to cover well. The new hope. Important day -- and -- Pope Francis explained why he took that name -- after saint Francis of Assisi who dedicated his life to helping the poor. -- how I would like a church which is poor and for the poor he said. And cardinal and Argentina -- -- polio was known for his simple lifestyle and devotion to people mired in poverty. We upgrade to have to start looking at ourselves and examining how we dealing with the over the question of poverty. -- Francis has shown little interest in the perks and privileges of the paper receipts. But less well known when it comes to church doctrine he's very conservative. Doc finally Mary -- women priests gays and lesbians I don't expect any change on those core. Teachings that have been part of the Vatican lexicon for the last thirty years. And next Saturday the new Pope will meet with the former Pope Benedict over lunch. Both Francis who traveled to the papal summer residency outside of Rome to meet former Pope Benedict will be an historic meeting. The last time there -- a Pope and a former Pope alive at the same time. Was nearly 600 years ago.

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{"id":18747314,"title":"The People's Pope","duration":"1:36","description":"Pope Francis calls for a church \"for the poor\" and explains why he chose his name.","url":"/WNT/video/peoples-pope-18747314","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}