Person of the Week: Juliet's Brand New Portrayal on Broadway

"Romeo and Juliet" takes New York City by storm with groundbreaking casting decision.
2:45 | 09/27/13

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Transcript for Person of the Week: Juliet's Brand New Portrayal on Broadway
Finally tonight, our persons of the week. Romeo and juliet forever young and taking chances for love. And abc's david muir tells us why this couple is our person of the week. Reporter: Just off new york's times square, inside the rogers theater, one of shakespeare's most famous love stories, 400 years old, is beginning a new chapter. Walking across the stage there, a young woman quietly breaking a barrier. The first black juliet on broadway. Great to see you in person. I can say hi, juliet. Condola rashad in her first week. Juliet is -- she is kind of opening up my life in a really beautiful way. Reporter: Is romeo helping, too? Of course. Reporter: Her romeo is orlando bloom. His first time on broadway. He remembers the young woman who showed up at that audition. I remember the first time i met her. She came in the room. And she delivered this one line in the balcony scene. It made me laugh. It was great, immediate kind of connection. Reporter: The director said this is not ape racial commentary. He said we found our juliet. Reporter: This is the first interracial romeo and juliet. And you have said let's not make this invisible. Let's use it. We don't hammer it in, we don't ignore it. We allow it to be what it is. Reporter: Orlando told me about the moment he knew there was chemistry. Yeah. Reporter: There are a lot of girls who would love to have chemistry with orlando. But she fought for it. Six months, five callbacks. Yes. Reporter: That's nerve-wracking. It was a great adventure, i didn't tell anyone. Reporter: Except one person, america's mom. Yes. Reporter: Are you tired of hearing that? No. Reporter: Mrs. Huxtable. Her mother phylicia rashad, best known for her role as claire huxtable on the cosby show. Is she really as nurturing a mom as we watched for many years? Oh, yeah. And nurturing and respectful. And brilliant. Reporter: There have been moments before for romeo and JULIET, leonardo DiCaprio and claire danes. My lips, two blushing pilgrims. Reporter: But now, it's their turn. If we do our jobs right there will be broken hearts throughout new york. Reporter: Waiting for him two blocks away tonight is juliet. Is it tough playing a role the world knows? I mean, this is the one love story most people know. Yeah. You know what, it is tough. At the end of the day, juliet does not know she's an icon. So I cannot think about it like that, or else I won't be telling the true story. All I can do is get up on the stage and put everything that i have into this role. Romeo and juliet, don't

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"\"Romeo and Juliet\" takes New York City by storm with groundbreaking casting decision.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"20402876","title":"Person of the Week: Juliet's Brand New Portrayal on Broadway","url":"/WNT/video/person-week-juliets-brand-portrayal-broadway-20402876"}