Photographs capture baby boom at fire department

Seven firefighters at an Oklahoma station welcomed babies just months apart.
1:20 | 05/22/18

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Transcript for Photographs capture baby boom at fire department
Finally tonight, America strong. Sound the alarm. Seven babies in one firehouse. These firefighters with a new role tonight, each proud new fathers. At the glenpool fire department, just outside Tulsa. That's Henley, Gracie, jovie, Saylor, Bodie, kadance. Fathers tackling fires and fatherhood together. Kendall and Avery were first, their little jovie. Then six more babies to come. Five girls, two boys in all. The youngest, Gracie, arriving just four weeks ago. They did not plan this, but their babies will now all grow up together. They'll grow into those uniforms. Our kids all run around together. I'm schurrle these seven will all be close. Just one big family. Reporter: And the idea that they're all an extended family? I'm very thankful for it. I love it. Hi, David! Reporter: And tonight, the baritone voices from glenpool, Oklahoma. We'd like to introduce you to the newest members of the glenpool fire department. Reporter: Those proud dads eager to show off their babies on "World news tonight." The last year's been exciting. We've been blessed. Reporter: Blessed and taking on fatherhood together. Congrats to those dads and to ????????????

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{"duration":"1:20","description":"Seven firefighters at an Oklahoma station welcomed babies just months apart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"55364881","title":"Photographs capture baby boom at fire department","url":"/WNT/video/photographs-capture-baby-boom-fire-department-55364881"}