Polar Plunge Brings Deep Freeze and Deadly Storm in the Midwest

Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin struck by cold blast causing hundreds of accidents.
3:23 | 11/12/14

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Transcript for Polar Plunge Brings Deep Freeze and Deadly Storm in the Midwest
But we begin with that unwelcome storm. The brutal cold snap across the midwest and sweeping south tonight. 200 million Americans will feel this. Just look at the wall. This is the view through this driver's windshield in Michigan tonight. Whiteout conditions across several states. There was a narrowing moment in Minnesota. You're about to see an officer who pulled over to help a driver when a tractor trailer comes barrelling in. Just incredible there. Luckily, no one was hurt. But a real reminder of the changers of winter driving. The deep freeze will sent temperatures 30 degrees below Normal all the wail down to the gulf. We begin with ABC's Alex Perez in the middle of the storm. Reporter: The mild west, taking a beating tonight. Marquette, Michigan, buried under more than two feet of snow. And still falling. Drivers venturing out to find covers and slick roads. Those powerful snowstorms heading east today. In Wisconsin, some places seeing more than a foot. Here in Minnesota, more than 580 crashes and 700 and 86 spinouts reported. Car after car, no match for this slippery hill in duluduluth. An exhausting 24 hours for Minnesota snowplow truck drivers. Tonight, we rode with Tim, who says this snowstorm is one of the worst he's seen so early in the season. What you plowed once that looked good, it's all covered again. Reporter: With plunging temperatures now in the forecast, the big concern for drivers, slick spots and potential for black ice. Everybody forgets how to drive in it and it's like getting back to snow driving 101, you know? Reporter: Most of Minnesota, digging out today. In St. Cloud, they saw a record-breaking 13.2 inches. This front loading tipping from the weight of all that snow. And watch this close call for officers in Rogers, Minnesota. Responding to a jackknifed semi, when another semi barrels right into them. Thankfully, no serious injuries. But at least two deaths reported on Minnesota roads. And here in Minnesota, they have been stocking up on salt since spring. More than 276,000 tons already in place for what's to come. David? All right, here we go. Alex Perez leading us off. Thank you. This monster storm not just unleashing snow tonight, two incredible images to show you. A dust storm in Colorado. That massive storm triggered by high winds, that rushed in behind the arctic front. That's from the air. And more trouble on the ground in Colorado. A wall of tumble weed kicked up by those winds, as well, tonight. Let's get right to ginger see, who is tracking this tonight. Tremendous tumble in temperatures is the first thing I have to show you. Just really smacking everybody in the face there in the plains. Wichita had a record high on Monday of 77. Watch what happens in the next 36 hours. More than 60-degree temperature drop. Oklahoma City tomorrow, 22 degrees as we wake up. The freeze warnings, the hard freeze warnings are in place from New Mexico all the way to apartments of Louisiana and southwestern Arkansas. And that freezing line where we take the actual temperature to 32 makes it close to Dallas early tomorrow morning. Just goes right past it and into the 20s in north Texas. Look how far that purple extends into new England. Pretty cold. All the way down to the lone star state. Ginger, thank you. Now to a remarkable first

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin struck by cold blast causing hundreds of accidents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"26846418","title":"Polar Plunge Brings Deep Freeze and Deadly Storm in the Midwest","url":"/WNT/video/polar-plunge-brings-deep-freeze-deadly-storm-midwest-26846418"}