New Police Shooting Sparks Outrage

Chicago police killed teen and his neighbor Bettie Jones, a mother of five.
2:07 | 12/28/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Police Shooting Sparks Outrage
And we move to another police shooting causing outrage. Officers in Chicago killing a teenager and his neighbor, a mother of five, inside her own home. They say it was, quote, "An accident." But the department now facing tough new questions. Here's Alex Perez. Reporter: Tonight, the Chicago police department again under scrutiny after another controversial shooting. 55-year-old Bettie Jones and 19-year-old college student quintonio legrier dead. We got two people shot. Shots fired by the police. Just to confirm. Yes, they were. Reporter: Early Saturday morning, police responding to a domestic disturbance call on the top floor of this two-story home. Legrier reportedly threatening his father with a bat. Upon their arrival, they were confronted by a combative individual. Reporter: Jones lived on the ground floor. Loved ones say she was opening the door for police when legrier began to make his way down the stairs and she was caught in a spray of bullets fired by police. Authorities saying Jones was accidentally and tragically killed. The police department extending condolences. Frustrated loved ones demanding answers. Why you got to shoot first and ask questions later? She should not have to come outside open the door and be shot down by a police officer. Reporter: A emotional vigil for the victims this afternoon. ? Let it shine let it shine let it shine ? Reporter: Legrier's grieving mother says her son had mental health issues but studied engineering and had a bright future. He was a student, he worked hard, he cared about people. Reporter: The shooting coming after protesters on Christmas eve shut down shopping at parts of Chicago's famed Michigan avenue calling for mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign in the wake of the laquan McDonald shooting. Emanuel, on vacation in Cuba, issuing a statement. "Anytime an officer uses force the public deserves answers." Chicago police have not yet explained why exactly the responding officers opened fire. They are now on desk duty while the shooting is investigated. Cecilia? Alex, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"Chicago police killed teen and his neighbor Bettie Jones, a mother of five.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"35968150","title":"New Police Shooting Sparks Outrage","url":"/WNT/video/police-shooting-sparks-outrage-35968150"}