Powerball Fever: Where Will Your 500 Million Dollars go?

Jackpot increases to $500 million, leaving lotto hopefuls planning financial futures.
2:04 | 11/27/12

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Transcript for Powerball Fever: Where Will Your 500 Million Dollars go?
Turning now to the record-breaking powerball jackpot, take a look at this. All day people lining up in white hills, arizona. It's a hot spot for californians who have no powerball but cross the border to buy ticks in arizona. Some waited more than an hour. The jackpot is now at $500 million. The drawing, 24 hour as way but not all the money we pay goes to the winners. So we set up to find out who gets the rest of it. Here's abc's amy robach. Reporter: Powerball fever has hit theation. Americans have purchased more than $1 billion in tickets. That's 105,000 tickets per minute. 42 states as well as the district of columbia and virgin islands participant since it began 20 years ago buying your ticket in indiana has proven to be the safest bet with 38 winners from that state alone. Missouri follows with 26. Florida which sells the most ticks has seen four winners in just the past three years. This big money tonight -- Reporter: When jackpots soar so do sales. The states are all winners raking in $60 billion just last year. So where does that money go when you buy that $2 powerball ticket? 1 goes to bay out the cash prizes much the other is kept by your state. It covers the cost and funds programs like health care and education. In florida, more than a billion dollars a year goes to statewide education. In pennsylvania last year, more than a billion dollars went to assist seniors. Here's how it works in new jersey. So it goes throughout the state into all areas whether it's in prizes or in revenues through the treasury or into income for small businesses. At a cost of only 8 cents out of a dollar to produce it. Reporter: There are a lot of winners. There are tons of winners. Reporter: More good news for states looking for a boost to their budgets. Amy robach, abc news, new york. And still ahead here on

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{"id":17822687,"title":"Powerball Fever: Where Will Your 500 Million Dollars go?","duration":"2:04","description":"Jackpot increases to $500 million, leaving lotto hopefuls planning financial futures.","url":"/WNT/video/powerball-fever-500-million-dollars-17822687","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}