Powerful storm makes its way through the South

Over 120,000 people are without power between Louisiana and Texas.
3:12 | 04/13/19

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Transcript for Powerful storm makes its way through the South
We begin tonight with reports of at least five tornadoes touching down in the south, and this just in, there are injuries now reported. One of those possible twisters striking in Franklin, Texas. That's between Houston and Dallas. You see the debris there. It has spread wide, and large hail coming down hard near San Antonio. Roughly 150,000 customers without power across three states. Torrential rains and this funnel cloud is spotted in Louisiana. All part of a severe weather system creating thunderstorms and strong winds sweeping from Texas all the way through Pennsylvania this weekend. Nearly 70 million Americans in the path. ABC's Marcus Moore in the storm zone tonight in Shreveport starting us off. Reporter: Tonight, a powerful storm system is putting millions in the path of severe weather. This reported tornado destroying multiple homes in Robertson county, Texas. There was someone in the trailer and the trailer is completely gone. Reporter: Residents seeing the damage. Roofs ripped bare, some homes flattened. This one torn to pieces. Dispatchers working to keep each other calm amidst the chaos. You need to remain calm. Do not add alarm to all these people here and cause chaos. Reporter: Several injured in the town of Franklin. Trees ripped from the ground in multiple parts of Texas, and in alto, Texas -- That's a tornado. That's it right there. Reporter: -- The storm toppling trees and shredding this roof. Golf ball-sized hail slamming the area. And in Louisiana, that same storm system producing this funnel cloud. It's more even down. Look ahead. Reporter: More than 150,000 without power right now in three states. That number expected to grow. Marcus Moore joins us now live. Marcus, this is far from over, and officials across the region warning residents to be on guard tonight into tomorrow, and we now have reports of more people hurt? Reporter: Yeah. A sense, Tom, of how dangerous these storms have been. We know that in one Texas town alone, 25 people suffered injuries and they were rushed to an area hospital, and as I speak to you tonight, people farther to the east are being told to be on guard. Alabama's governor has activated the emergency operation center ahead of the storm that's expected to arrive tonight into Sunday. Tom, this is not over yet. All right, Marcus. Thank you. You and your crew stay safe. We want the get over to senior meteorologist rob Marciano who is standing by for us tonight, and rob, walk us through the next couple of days, because as we said, this is far from over. Reporter: Very much so, Tom. We have 36 hours really of rough stuff to go through. Let's get to the radar, and the storms doing the most impact. Through Monroe, vicksburg, Mississippi having some dangerous weather right now, and that tornado watch is up until 9:00 tonight. It rolls off to the east by tomorrow morning looking at the line in mobile, Birmingham, Columbus, up through Ohio as well. East towards Atlanta, and to Knoxville. Look at Chicago, wet on the backside of this, but a huge area of impact, Atlanta right in this. Knoxville, you're right in it, but Pittsburgh down to Tallahassee, east to D.C. Today we had over 3,000 flights delayed or canceled. Tomorrow will be a difficult day to travel, Tom. Rob Marciano for us tonight.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"Over 120,000 people are without power between Louisiana and Texas. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"62383066","title":"Powerful storm makes its way through the South","url":"/WNT/video/powerful-storm-continues-make-south-62383066"}