Prayer in America

Supreme Court weighs in on where it is OK to pray.
1:56 | 05/06/14

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Transcript for Prayer in America
Now back here at home the Supreme Court today waded straight into the center of the argument about prayer in America. Where we can hold public prayer and where we cannot. Their decision seems certain to ramp up the debate about religion and public spaces and in public life. ABC's senior national correspondent Jim Ottawa. Across the country today in government meetings from city counts. Plus there hearts together and terror America's business starts with a prayer -- ago. And today the Supreme Court said go ahead call on god. Even by your religion's name for the almighty -- -- -- Obama or ala we have your back. I'm trying to censor or to Parse the content of particular prayers the Supreme Court got the case after complaints from Greece new York and upstate town of 97000. With thirty Christian churches. One Buddhist temple. And no synagogues. So nearly all the City Council prayers mentioned Jesus offending two residents one of them Jewish. As a minority faith. Or on -- I felt uncomfortable -- Christian prayer time after time after time recited. And feeling that I was not. -- -- I was an outsider. But the court ruled that adult citizens can tolerate and perhaps appreciate. A ceremonial prayer delivered by a person of a different faith. So by a five to four vote the court ruled that as long as the prayer doesn't condemn others or proselytize. -- -- And while some may hope this leads to prayer in school or religious symbols on government grounds. Experts say today's ruling is narrow. Only guaranteeing the freedom to pray out loud in in public at government meetings even for those who don't -- -- -- Jim Avila ABC news the Supreme Court.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"Supreme Court weighs in on where it is OK to pray.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"23599559","title":"Prayer in America","url":"/WNT/video/prayer-america-23599559"}