President-Elect Donald Trump Flies to Indiana to Speak to Carrier Employees

Trump convinced the air-conditioning company to keep around 1,100 jobs in exchange for a $7 million tax break.
3:48 | 12/01/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President-Elect Donald Trump Flies to Indiana to Speak to Carrier Employees
We begin with president-elect Donald Trump. His victim Ary tour. Tonight, hundreds of American factory workers are thanking Mr. Trump. The president-elect in Indiana today, walking into the carrier plant that had been set to close and send those jobs to Mexico. Tonight, carrier says hundreds of those jobs will be saved. Not all of them. But a significant victory for so many families in that community. Tonight, what did Mr. Trump offer that company to keep it here? ABC's Tom llamas traveling with Mr. Trump. Reporter: President-elect Donald Trump, touching down in Indiana today to deliver an important message in person. Telling hundreds of workers at the carrier factory he just saved their jobs. People are crying. I mean, they're all crying. They're so happy. They're going to have a great Christmas. Most important. Reporter: The factory becoming a symbol of corporate greed with this video we told you about on "World news tonight" in February, the moment executives informed workers they were eliminating 1,400 jobs. To move production from our facility in Indianapolis to Monterey, Mexico. Reporter: Trump saw it on the news and promised, he wouldn't let that happen. We're not going to let our jobs be taken away. Reporter: He says shortly after winning, he called carrier's CEO. So, I called Greg Hayes, I heard of him, but I never met him, and he picked up the phone. "Mr. President-elect, sir, how are you?" It's wonderful to win. Think if I lost he would not have returned my call. Reporter: Today carrier announcing it will keep around 1,100 jobs in Indianapolis, but not all of them. Largely in return for $7 million in tax incentives, facilitated by the state's governor, vice president-elect Mike pence. Critics now asking, will trump go around the country handing out tax breaks to get other companies to stay? Senator Bernie Sanders saying carrier, "Took trump hostage and won," adding the president-elect "Has signaled to every corporation in America that they can threaten to offshore jobs in exchange for business-friendly tax benefits and incentives." Carrier is owned by united technologies, which has billion-dollar defense contracts with the federal government, which could be another reason they're happy to cut an early deal with the new president. President elect trump just wrapped up his talk at the carrier plant. Just down the street, a seven-minute drive from here, there's another plant here in Indianapolis that's shipping 350 jobs to Mexico. And at that factory tonight, those workers asking, will Donald Trump save our jobs too? I hope he saves every American job, I really do. Reporter: Trump wasn't able to save all the jobs at the carrier plant, 600 are still going to Mexico. And carrier's parent company is still planning to shutter another Indiana factory, and send another 700 jobs across the border. Still, the president-elect says he's just sent a very loud message to companies who want to leave. There will be consequences. Meaning, they'll be taxed very heavily at the border if they want leave, fire all their people. Leave. Already critics of this move, the millions in incentives to keep those jobs here. But no question, Tom, saving hundreds of jobs is a real victory for Mr. Trump even before he takes office. Reporter: The president-elect has some real momentum, David, tonight he starts this thank you tour right here in Cincinnati, they'll host several events over the next weeks. They'll be thanking their supporters at events just like this one. David. Tom, thanks. We're following several other developing stories

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{"id":43915506,"title":"President-Elect Donald Trump Flies to Indiana to Speak to Carrier Employees","duration":"3:48","description":"Trump convinced the air-conditioning company to keep around 1,100 jobs in exchange for a $7 million tax break.","url":"/WNT/video/president-elect-donald-trump-flies-indiana-speak-carrier-43915506","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}