President Trump defends doctor he retweeted discussing hydroxychloroquine

The president said he knew nothing about the doctor who was spreading disproven information about the coronavirus while Joe Biden has urged Trump to stop talking about her.
3:17 | 07/29/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Trump defends doctor he retweeted discussing hydroxychloroquine
Tonight, president trump once again saying he supports that controversial doctor who said masks don't work and who pushed hydroxychloroquine, along with the president, even though his own team of advisers and doctors which said it's ineffective and dangerous for treating covid-19. Tonight, Joe Biden taking aim, saying the doctor is an absolute disgrace, and a key supporter of president trump, a congressman tonight, has now tested positive for the virus, just before he was going to board air force one. ABC's Mary Bruce on it all. Reporter: President trump today doubled down on his support for a fringe doctor who is spreading lies about the coronavirus, even after learning she claims demons and witches cause illnesses. I was very impressed with her. I know nothing about her. I had never seen her before. But certainly you can put her up and let her have a voice. Reporter: Trump had retweeted a video of that doctor denouncing the use of masks and promoting hydroxychloroquine, even though the nation's top health officials warn the anti-malaria drug is ineffective at treating covid-19 and potentially dangerous. Joe Biden today urged the president to knock it off. President trump should stop tweeting and start doing something about it. And stop going on and talking about this crazy woman he talked about last night about -- who's an absolute disgrace. Reporter: One of the people who spread that misleading video, the chief of staff for Republican congressman today, Gohmert announced he's tested positive himself. I'm asymptomatic, I don't have any of the symptoms listed as part of covid-19. Reporter: The congressman has frequently been spotted on the hill without a mask. Sources tell us his staff has even been scolded for wearing them. Masks really complicate things. This is the first time in American history when we have punished or restricted people who are not sick. Reporter: Just yesterday, he was seen walking alongside attorney general bill Barr, neither of them in a mask. Barr's staff says the attorney general is now getting tested. The congressman sat for hours in two separate hearings yesterday. Tonight, senior lawmakers from both parties going into quarantine. Gohmert himself only learned he was positive because he was required to take a test before he was set to fly with the president. Now that I apparently have it, I will be very, very careful to make sure I don't give it to anybody else. Reporter: Today, as he prepared to drive to Texas to self-quarantine, he promised to wear a mask, quote, religiously. All right, so, let's get to Mary tonight. We know moments ago, house speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing anyone on the house floor must wear a mask. Mary, you reported there tonight that Joe Biden is taking aim again at the president and his handling of the pandemic, but Biden making news himself overnight, after that image appears of his own notes while speaking to reporters before we came on the air last night. In those notes, we could all see the talking points on senator kamala Harris. A lot of people trying to read the tea leaves in the last 24 hours. Reporter: David, photographers there getting a glimpse of Biden's notes yesterday and right there on top, talking points about senator kamala Harris. Now under consideration to be his running mate. And the first note there saying, quote, do not hold grudges. Biden says he will make his choice next week. David? Theirly Bruce on the campaign trail. Mary, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"The president said he knew nothing about the doctor who was spreading disproven information about the coronavirus while Joe Biden has urged Trump to stop talking about her. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"72062616","title":"President Trump defends doctor he retweeted discussing hydroxychloroquine","url":"/WNT/video/president-trump-defends-doctor-retweeted-discussing-hydroxychloroquine-72062616"}