Prosecution Rests in the Martin McNeil Murder Trial

Defense gets ready to present its side in the murder of McNeil's wife.
9:05 | 11/06/13

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Transcript for Prosecution Rests in the Martin McNeil Murder Trial
This is a special group. Hello anti Hernandez of an ABC news digital special report the murder trial of -- -- doctor -- -- continues today. With prosecutors wrapping up their case and the defense dropping a bombshell. Asking the judge to declare a -- trial. ABC's brandy hit is alive in Los Angeles with the. -- -- Wright a member of the prosecution's team was actually watching a news report online during the trial today. When audio picked on during court for about ten seconds. But the judge decided the information that was broadcast will not impact the jury's decision so of course there will not be a mistrial. We're also hearing more shocking testimony from two inmates who spent time with Martin -- behind bars and they claim he confessed to the crime. One moments ago also another inmate testified that -- told him he gave his -- OxyContin and sleeping pills. And helped her into the bathtub then held her underwater. -- and I apologize by your wife and you know those. I'm not on the Austin. Face to face with a former inmate he spent time with behind bars doctor Martin McNeil showed no emotion as Jason -- -- testified McNeill admitted to killing his wife Michelle. Did he say he murdered his wife he says left -- but he said I'm in Gwinnett. -- my wife -- kindest setback and -- chuckled thank goodness he was line. McNeal was accused of giving his wife a deadly dose of prescription painkillers in 2007. While having an affair with Gypsy Willis. But the defense claims Michelle died of heart problems in the bathtub. -- EA is the fourth in -- to take this stand this week three others testified McNeil told them he did not kill his wife. His mansion. -- of improvement and. Medication he was -- taken human with this -- Make meals attorneys were quick to point out -- -- history of theft and lying to police he stole -- ammunition. And and you like to please write incident as the defense prepares to call its first witness. I think the best hope that the defense is that these jurors get back there and they talk about it missing you know I think he wanted to do I think he was planning on doing it. But I'm not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt. Many of the inmates say McNeil did use derogatory language to describe his wife. And he also exchanged letters with his mistress while behind bars. Brady hit ABC news Los Angeles. Right thank you brandy and for more on the Martin -- -- let's bring in homicide prosecutor and a -- Pelosi. And as Randi mentioned. Prosecutors called Jason -- to the stand he served time in prison with Martin McNeal he. Testified that -- implicated himself in his wife's death but. How credible -- witness was he. When you call -- jailhouse -- it's always a tricky proposition because on the one hand there in the best position potentially. To be trading stories back and forth while they spend time together in jail all at least accused or being sentenced for crime committed. However juries are always skeptical with good reason you know that prosecution here is really going to quite tricky strategy they call not one jailhouse informant. But multiple. But what I would say is the prosecutor here is that you know it's isn't watching what he'd being. Martin -- what he didn't say -- what he did which is shows that these informants are credible they are not marching in here and saying that. I killed my wife this is how I did it with takes exception of the one who is testifying this afternoon pretty much they give these. -- the statements or admissions by him where he basically says. I didn't do it. Of course he can't prove it they have no evidence against me and is those type of statements that the prosecution is saying. This is a guy who thinks he gets away with all the time but when you put it together he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Now the prosecution called a number as you mentioned a number. Jail house if it inmates that served time with Martin -- to testify about. His statements the way he acted -- things that he said about his wife and it seems to be the basis of their case most of the witnesses that they have called testified. To Martin -- behavior things he said and did following the death of his wife. This is muddy the water is a bit we have that very powerful testimony from his daughters to bringing these inmates. You make of that testimony less credible. This very difficult case for the prosecution so they're really going with let's put it all out there because what they have is a circumstantial. Case these inmates -- -- the most direct evidence against Martin McNeal. They have a case where the medical examiner cannot ruled the case has not ruled the case actual homicide they have that that they -- have to prove now in different ways to the -- They have all these circumstances surrounding. Be pushing his wife for surgery and the affair but it's really only what he says to these inmates that gives the -- some direct evidence of statements where he actually makes admissions -- now in one case saying I did this I killed my wife. So again the Jerry's is going to be told by the prosecutors at the end. In -- themselves is all we brought you that may well not be enough but when you put it all together. This is a guy who always seemed to get away with -- he thinks he can outsmart everyone -- -- -- outsmart you members of the jury he did this crime. We approve it to you the only pieces. When you put these various piece of evidence yet they add up to his guilty that's with -- Jerry's going to hear at the end of prosecutors'. -- like solid closing statement. Let's talk about the prosecution -- -- in court that the defense really tried to make -- they started playing a news clip out loud on their laptop. Which obviously was an error he tells about that. After a very careful when you're in that courtroom that any sort of media influence whether that is putting in newspaper on your -- -- inadvertently can be seen by -- -- here in the days of technology. When of course the prosecutors may well be listening to what's being said on the outside to help. Guide them in a way sometimes about what. To present to their jury hear what happened is the audio came on in the jury heard a -- that now fortunately for all involved a snippet. Really wasn't very meaningful is basically saying Morton -- is on trial they may also heard his wife was found the bathtub but nothing that the jurors haven't heard. Multiple times from multiple different witnesses there's no new information coming. Into the court -- -- -- which is why the judge says I don't see anything here that would necessitate a starting all over again -- mistrial however. -- -- -- the prosecution will not be listening to video clips in that -- room with the jurors present again. How would you sum up the prosecution case that they do the job. It's a difficult case I think they have gone on with the only strategy which is put it all out there the good and the bad and again it's a case that you have to -- piece by piece there's no one being. Powerful bang it this is it that's going to prove his guilt that they are showing. The man who leading up to and then his strange actives furtive being suspicious actions leading up to pushing his wife for the surgery. And then after that the actions of -- with his own children when he over Medicaid his wife to the -- that he. Basically positioned himself to trying to show that he wasn't with his wife. Now this evidence from these inmates I think they have put it all forward again it's very difficult and I -- -- second guessing. Other attorneys when they're doing this for because it's it's tricky it's difficult hopefully they have laid it out for the jury in a way that they can understand -- is at its base to have to present even a complicated case simply. So the jury cannot see it but the way you from either side want to be seen. -- throughout the prosecution's case fifteen the defense. Trying to do through cross examination. This credit a lot of the witness is what more can they do now that the case is -- Present -- -- From what we've heard they may well try to show that he couldn't have done this number one because this wasn't -- I think the party done that through cross examination of witnesses they may will call their own expert witness to show that. She did not -- being the wife Michelle -- died from natural causes there's nothing no homicide here all however if the jury finds there's a homicide. They're going to try to show he couldn't have done -- with this kind of alibi defense we've heard about to show that. Whether it was going to the office are picking up his daughter from school that he was not with his wife. At any time to have caused two deaths to over medicated her or to put her in the bathroom -- drowned her in the bathtub. As a prosecutions claims that those are the types of witnesses we may be hearing and defense but witnesses. All right prosecutor and I -- it velocity thank you so much for joining us this has been an ABC news digital special report. Martin -- the -- doctor accused of murdering his wife. Continues to be on trial the prosecution has rested and the defense. Now present its case you can continue watching this trial live right here on ABC news dot -- contact Hernandez -- --

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{"id":20809192,"title":"Prosecution Rests in the Martin McNeil Murder Trial","duration":"9:05","description":"Defense gets ready to present its side in the murder of McNeil's wife.","url":"/WNT/video/prosecution-rests-martin-mcneil-murder-trial-20809192","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}