Record-Breaking Heat Upwards of 114 Degrees

Ginger Zee with tips on how to keep cool and when we can expect relief.
2:26 | 07/19/13

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Transcript for Record-Breaking Heat Upwards of 114 Degrees
And we move next to the heat tonight. The entire united states of america with the exception of four states caulking in at 90 degrees or hotter. And we sent our team out today to put the temperatures to the test and found a playground in washington, d.C.114 degrees. A rooftop in chicago, 107. Parking lot in boston, 102. Tonight, abc's meteorologist ginger zee gives us tips from some of the hottest places in this very hot country. Reporter: From chicago to jersey city, firefighters overcome by heat. Some carried off on stretchers. Not a record temp, but record power use in new york city. Talk of out rajs stretching to philadelphia. This family sitting in a car, their only source of ac. It's too hot to go back inside. I already took like seven showers already. Reporter: Roofers working with 400 degree tar collapsed. We found furnace-like conditions across the region. A parked car in cincinnati, 104. It was broiling on new york city streets. Whoa. Almost 103. That's hot. All of it forcing ingenuity to survive. These folks took one fan, one bowl of ice and you've got a boot-leg air conditioner. How about that ac unit attached to the car. And this pooch, filling up the pool himself. To really find out how to get by in these temps, we went to the experts. Today, they were at least 123 degrees when we checked in on death valley. They'll have to put some kind of insulation on door handles to open them up. When you drive can be a real problem when you get in the car and the steering wheel can be too hot to touch. People do bring gloves or an oven mitt. Reporter: Only one more day that we'll have to have gloves and ochb mitt handy on the eeblgt. Today, boston's high record 99, la guardia made it to 100 around new york city. Let me show you what the temperatures do. Chicago will feel it here as the front passes tonight, that cold air really pushing on in as we get into the rest of the weekend. Boston, 94 on saturday. But should drop to 58 on sunday. New york city 93 tomorrow. One more muggy steamy day. By the end of the weekend, so much more comfortable and much closer to average. Diane? You're holding you to it. Ginger zee reporting in. Thank you. Another note from out west,

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{"id":19719304,"title":"Record-Breaking Heat Upwards of 114 Degrees","duration":"2:26","description":"Ginger Zee with tips on how to keep cool and when we can expect relief.","url":"/WNT/video/record-breaking-heat-upwards-114-degrees-19719304","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}