Record Heat Wave

The West is scorched as hundreds are treated in hospital.
3:30 | 06/29/13

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Transcript for Record Heat Wave
heat, record-breaking temperatures across much of the south and the west tonight. So many communities issuing warnings a setting up cooling stations, scrambling to protect those at high-risk. Look at the images a seven-month-old baby with a mother wrapping a wet blanket on her head at the phoenix zoo. One of toughest jobs, air conditioner repairman. This man standing on an arizona rooftop. This cooling station, one of several on the las vegas strip where they are well into triple-digits and the daring families who ventured through death valley national park. Always hot and dry, but excessive heat warnings remain in effect. Ginger zee in the blazing west where the temperatures are starting to cause real trouble. Reporter: Tonight the record-breaking heat is dangerously baking the southwest. Just trying to stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of water. Reporter: At least 20 people have been treated for heat-related illnesses in las vegas hospitals in the last two hours. 200 were treated overnight at a vegas concert. The temperature snapshots from phoenix, stunning. We started our day in death valley, forecast to climb to 128. Just six degrees shy of the hottest temperature ever recorded. The coolest part of the day, always right before the sun comes up. We're at that point. 98 here in death valley. In scottsdale, arizona, the well being checks are in full swing. We know people die in heat, but how do thedie in heat? Really what it is, one of two things, dehydration or heat exhaustion. Reporter: Here's how it happens and what to look for. Your heart pumps faster to keep the body cool. If you stop sweating, it's the first sign your body is in distress. Another red flag, pale skin. It means your body is diverting blood from the skin to other organs. Get treatment right away. Surfaces that climb above 150 degrees can scorch bare feet and bare anything in just seconds. You see sometimes passes out or has a seizure and lands on the pavement, they can get fairly severe burns. The potential for burns is really a serious thing. Ginger joins us now tonight from the vegas strip. She has her infrared laser which measures the surface temperature of the sidewalk there? Reporter: Right. And right here on the strip, I'm going to use it. 173 degrees is what it reads. Very hot. That's incredible. As you point out, the warnings for people, they can actually be burned from the surfaces of side walks and roadways. What kind of temperatures are we facing in the next 24 hours, ginger? That's just it. It's not that excessive heat warnings and advisories stretch over multiple states. High temperature tomorrow going to be just as or even hotter in a lot of these places. Death valley to 129. Las vegas reaching to 118. You've been reporting on this heat dome in place for a good 48 hours now. You were telling me earlier this system is really sort of locked in place. You know, I'd love to tell you this breaks in the next day, but it doesn't. That's the problem. It compounds. That's how people get sick. Look at the numbers. The next three days, look at las vegas. We semperatures, 118, through the start of the work week. Phoenix at 112 monday. Death valley will get to a cool 127 by the mid week. So we will eventually see breaking of this heat dome, but not until after the holiday for some. Too bad not until after the holiday. Ginger, thank you. The other major weather headline this evening coming to

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{"id":19534621,"title":"Record Heat Wave","duration":"3:30","description":"The West is scorched as hundreds are treated in hospital.","url":"/WNT/video/record-heat-wave-19534621","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}