Refugees Escaping War-Torn Syria Are Overflowing in Hungary

Conflicting viewpoints on what to do as the White House says U.S. will take thousands of refugees.
5:55 | 09/10/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Refugees Escaping War-Torn Syria Are Overflowing in Hungary
Good evening. Tonight from Hungary. Where we come to you from outside an overflowing refugee camp. You can see the tents behind me. Inside them, Syrian refugees escaping war. The biggest since world war ii. Here in Hungary, we saw the workers putting razor wire on the fence growing along their border. We flew a drone above the tracks, part of the dangerous route. And the perilous path hundreds of thousands are now taking. Boats to Greece, then by foot on train. Trying to get to Germany and Austria. And tonight, new action from the white house. America will take in thousands of refugees. And we explain why so many refugees are taking the dangerous journey. A route not everyone survives. Overnight, we were right there. Where out of the darkness the faces, shivering. Some covered in blankets. All of them, families discovering the opening in the fence where the railroad tracks enter Hungary from Serbia. Hundreds of thousands are trying We try to make the children safe. Reporter: That's why you made the journey. As we walked along the tracks with them, they did not know they were in Hungary until we told them. Even under the steady rain, joy on their faces. Showing me what little food they had left in their drenched backpack. This is for your survival. We're standing on the border between Hungary and Serbia. And if you look behind me, you can see the white posts. This is the true victory for the refugees. And you can see the sheer number making their way down the tracks. By some estimates, 300 an hour. The exodus creating scenes like this one here in Hungary, in Budapest. The train station. The little girl lifted into the train window. One train halted at a Hungarian village to move people to refugee camps. Families screaming, "No camps." No camps! No camps! Reporter: And tonight, the first pictures from inside one of those camps. Workers tossing food at the families. The camp is overflowing. We returned to that train station and the line as far as we could see. Middle class families and their tickets north. Hoping they'll get on, hoping they're get to Germany and Austria. Parents holding their children tight. Across Europe, the divisive question. What to do with the hundreds of thousands of refugees, with the world now watching? Jolted by that image from Turkey. The 3-year-old boy from Syria. His body carried away from the beach. He and his brother slipping from their father's arms when their small rubber boat capsized. For so many families that is where the harrowing journey begins. Escaping war through Turkey paying to board rickety boats to Greece, then those two routes to Austria and Germany. Families told me today they paid more than $1,200 to board those boats. Knowing they and their children might not survive. Our Dan Harris there, as another boat arrived this week on the Greek island of lesbos. This is just an incredible scene. These people, families, have just risked their lives, everything they own, everyone they love to cross this narrow strait here to arrive in Greece. Reporter: The Numbers, staggering. More than 350,000, some estimate up to 500,000 have fled war, terror, and poverty entering Europe this year. More than 2,300 have died at sea. And so many asking, why the exodus now? Our team along the route for weeks. Families telling us hope was finally lost. Trapped in refugee camps on Syria's borders realizing it's getting worse. They say they now have a route to follow. Many have heard from family. Sending maps, tips on social media, Facebook. How to avoid danger. And they say, there is a sense of safety in Numbers. They know they're not the first ones. Like that young couple we met today. We went back to find them further up the route at a makeshift tent camp. Everything is to get to Europe to escape war in Syria, terror in Libya and elsewhere. The exhausted faces, pouring through the break in the fence. But Hungary does not want them. Ong the Bo .order they're putting up that wire above the fence. They're trygino the T refugees at the border. But they can't block the railroad tracks, where today we found countless families. The young mechanical engineer, Joseph, and his wife, Mesa, an economist. They escaped Damascus with their little girl and baby boy. Just 8 months old. The journey as been a long one.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"Conflicting viewpoints on what to do as the White House says U.S. will take thousands of refugees.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"33673127","title":"Refugees Escaping War-Torn Syria Are Overflowing in Hungary","url":"/WNT/video/refugees-escaping-war-torn-syria-overflowing-hungary-33673127"}