Remembering those lost to COVID-19 as U.S. nears 200,000 deaths

Dr. Adeline Fagan from Syracuse, New York, was a second-year resident in Houston who delivered babies and treated COVID-19 patients during the pandemic and was 28 years old when she died of the virus.
6:23 | 09/22/20

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Transcript for Remembering those lost to COVID-19 as U.S. nears 200,000 deaths
And now, this evening, the lives we lost. It seems not long ago we did this to mark the 100,000 mark. Now, as this country prepares to mark 200,000 lives lost, we pause here to remember that these are not numbers, these are lives and families forever changed. Tonight, we honor the lives lost. Dr. Adeline Fagan of New York. He was playing operation and trying to fix up her dolls and she held onto that goal and she went for it. Dr. Adeline marine Fagan. When she walked across that state, we were just beside ourselves, so proud, because, you know, it was her dream. She was starting her second year of residency in Houston, delivering babies during the pandemic and treating covid patients in the E.R. She started feeling sick and then fought the virus for two months. Her parents traveling to Texas. My mom told me that when she had to leave, she said to Adeline, Adeline, I love you, and she kissed her and Adeline is, you know, as loopy as she was, made a kissy face back at my mom. And so we know that she -- she knew that she was loved and that we were there and even until then. There have been so many families forever changed. Helen Jones woods, a trombone player. Chef was a founding member of the international sweethearts of rhythm. That's her on the right. The sweethearts were the first integrated all-female big band. Touring the country in the Jim crow era and during World War II. We had breakfast at 6:00 and we'd start rehearsing at 7:00. We rehearsed all day, you know? In Florida, Kim was just 9 years old. They called her kimmy. She was going into the fourth grade this year when she got sick. Her mother, makasha. She was very talkative and just really, really happy. She made friends very easily. She was perfect. Jermaine Stevens would have turned 21 years old today. He died of a pulmonary embolism ten days after testing positive for covid. We were sitting in the hospital talking about covid response kinds of celebration that we could do for his birthday. So, to go from that to get to the hospital the next day and he's gone -- In South Carolina, 28-year-old deme trea banister, a third grade teacher, singing during a field trip with her students. I really love you She made this video for her students last year. On my way to Windsor But this year, just a week after the start of virtual classes, she tested positive and she died three days later. Tyler was 29. A youth hockey coach in north Texas. He began playing hockey at just 7. And it was through hockey he would meet his wife, Amy. He always wanted his players to be standup human beings on the ice and off the ice. He left behind a young daughter, Riley. And two youth teams mourning their coach. There's the coach right there. Bill yoman was the inningest coach in the university of Houston's history. Leading the cougars to 11 bowl appearances. There was that surprise win at the cotton bowl in 1980. And it's history here at the cotton bowl. His son, bill. When he gave his word, he gave it, he meant it. So, when he told a recruit that he would be there to coach him, he wasn't kidding. He got many offering to leave for a whole lot of money and his answer every time was, "I told these players I would be here when I recruited them and " and that's what he did. He was inducted into the college football fame in 2001. In California, Brendan Sanchez fought covid-19 alongside her mother. Brenda made it through. Her mother did not. Her mother was just 54 years old. Family singing her happy Joanne reck was living in a retirement community in Florida when she got sick. And when she was taken to the hospital, her 90-year-old husband, Sam, getting into full ppe to see her one last time. You don't recognize me with all this junk on my face. But it is Sam. I love you, sweetheart. I love you so much. They were married for 30 years. Finally getting to hold your hand after all these months. Brian Sadler from Ringwood, New Jersey. He worked as a paramedic for 36 years. Only 9/11, racing to ground zero. His son, Thomas. He used to tell people, no one dies on my ambulance. No one dies in my hospital. No one dies under me. It was last year at 60 years old, Brian filled his dream of becoming an icu nurse. Then, the pandemic and he was right there on the front lines. Isabel was just a year away from retirement, after 30 years as a respiratory therapist at a Dallas hospital. She went into work bravely, despite knowing how dangerous it and she kept going in. Her daughter telling us she would always send gifts and messages and videos. Lots of kisses. Bye-bye! She became a grandmother last year. And it was fitting that the grandmother who had sent so many gifts, the last gift arriving after she passed away. For her granddaughter, a pair of shoes. I want her to know that my mom was a hero and that she stopped at nothing to be there for others. Her grandmother was a hero. So many lives and so many brave families sharing their loss, their stories with us and we thank them. And we remember. We honor their loved ones.

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{"duration":"6:23","description":"Dr. Adeline Fagan from Syracuse, New York, was a second-year resident in Houston who delivered babies and treated COVID-19 patients during the pandemic and was 28 years old when she died of the virus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"73154222","title":"Remembering those lost to COVID-19 as U.S. nears 200,000 deaths","url":"/WNT/video/remembering-lost-covid-19-us-nears-200000-deaths-73154222"}