Rising Temperatures Add to Blizzard Woes

Life slowly returns to normal across Northeast following record breaking snow storm.
2:09 | 02/10/13

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Transcript for Rising Temperatures Add to Blizzard Woes
Aftermath of the blizzard of 2013 the death toll rising. Across the northeast today this was the cedar street right here in Boston where they spent all day digging out. And this evening two days since the storm first hit the death told developed to eleven people across four states. And some 290000. Families still with no power tonight. Our extreme weather team on all -- this evening meteorologist in Jersey on the other -- threat brewing this evening I should say but first ABC's deal would need as an old lyme Connecticut where more than half the town GO you told us still the dark. Good evening David emergency operation centers like this what are desperately working to get everything back to normal. Tonight the rush -- gone to get the lights back on to clear the roads and driveways ahead of the Monday morning commute. In this picturesque Connecticut town of 8000. More than 80% of the homes lost power in the blizzard. What are the biggest problems downed trees appraisers have been without power for Tuesday what do you miss most about having power. You know yesterday there are some great basketball games on college basketball -- -- this didn't want to risk. Crews are working around the clock to restore the power. You have these trees coming down onto the powerless to correct correct that's our biggest problem -- Close to 300000 people are still without power in the northeast and those busy northeast airports getting back to business from over 5000 canceled flights at the height of the storm. Tonight down to just over 700. Amtrak restored limited service from New York to Boston today. And -- New York's Long Island. This 26 mile stretch of the Long Island Expressway which yesterday was littered with abandoned cars shut down today and -- -- vehicles. -- tomorrow's commute tougher closed gas stations like this one where the power is -- We have no. -- he acknowledges. Back -- line. More than half of the homes here should have power back on tonight it's coming on fast and areas -- we're very grateful for them. And despite everyone's best wishes and hard work. It could take days to get the -- cleaned up David.

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{"id":18459029,"title":"Rising Temperatures Add to Blizzard Woes","duration":"2:09","description":"Life slowly returns to normal across Northeast following record breaking snow storm.","url":"/WNT/video/rising-temperatures-add-blizzard-woes-18459029","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}