Mayors Menino, Giuliani Praise 'Brave' First Responders in Boston Bombing

Both men came together for a special mayor-to-mayor conversation with Diane Sawyer.
5:52 | 04/16/13

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Transcript for Mayors Menino, Giuliani Praise 'Brave' First Responders in Boston Bombing
Sat down with someone who was looking at that investigation of the very seasoned he is the former mayor of New York City Rudolph Giuliani is you -- He was mayor of New York during 9/11 and he sat down right here with me. At this moment. What is the most helpful to Boston is its surveillance tapes are they studying those is -- them. Videos people are sitting in from all over with their -- probably you know it's interesting to and I I was in London -- and the when the attack took place on. July 7 2005 they put those people most of the day. They -- that would take. But under surveillance. That got a lot of surveillance cameras in Boston more than New York less than one more than -- -- with a New York less one. You also had a very much focused on event with lots of people professional cameras. Amateur -- it may be that some person. You know photographing their husband coming across the finish line but might have caught something that the critical still might not get turned in for to a three -- -- -- to know they have. What's your message tonight your message to the mayor of Boston and your message to the people people should go about their lives they should not let. Whatever form of -- -- it shouldn't let them win this this is what they're trying to do to us they can't capture us they can overwhelm us they can't destroy us. Or they can do is frighten us. And try to stop us from doing the things that make us a great country we shouldn't let them do that I heard that Mayor Menino say that got to say that over and over again. American thank you thank you and my heart goes out to -- my prayers. But stay with us because I ask. Mayor Giuliani to stay as I brought in Boston Mayor Tom Menino by the way broke his ankle on Friday but still has been. Visiting families of the victims in the hospital and characteristically. Telling them quote we will get the son of guns we will get them. Mr. mayor so grateful you are with us right now I just Twitter check on what we know for sure at this moment because we've been. Told that there is some evidence of some kind of pressure cooker from this bomb. They've been told to look for a big dark bag. Is there anything else at this moment. You can tell us for sure. -- ongoing investigation but the FBI. Regional directors are today that. The pressure -- might be involved is incident that we are very other French government could. Give to Republicans this time the surveillance cameras. Are they everywhere are you looking through them now that's most -- -- obviously done that profits for the area. Wasteful public and private -- a lot of video on this and we'll look at I'll have radio announcer I believe through watching the videos will be able to find summary of will premiere of suspect in the face and not. Go forward well I want to bring in if I can someone whose voice you know well it's Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has been sitting and talking with me. And he was just saying he remembers. When the Red Sox sent word to the Yankees. We're on the same team today mr. mayor you went a little something -- -- mayor. My heart goes out to you and the people who viewed primarily how how how are you mayor. -- -- done very well I don't see that you know we're -- for the us -- -- problem. -- a -- that Mercury comes together on it sure does issues like this rather them before. Mayor one of the images that I take away from yesterday we your firefighters your police on this isn't some -- -- citizens. Running right into the fire the first of -- has to agree -- are missing -- are -- to salute those incredible first responders and we thank you again and we were talking mayor Giuliani about the fact that tonight the Yankees are gonna play sweet Caroline and the eight. That's a historic a moment reps -- -- offer. The ball game streetcar line. One small measure what everyone is -- -- other -- their. -- -- -- You know do. And that will happen -- night and by the way the mayor's. Fund is one fund Boston dot -- to mayors. Who have both been in the crucible. And we said earlier the people across this country are expressing solidarity for Boston and ABC's John Donvan Nelson tells us other ways. All the ways we -- to -- the simple words we are with few Boston. It's the flags brought -- to half staff from the US capital to a Modesto California ballpark it's the wait to see nothing and therefore everything. In a moment of silence at the New York Stock Exchange and another at the House of Representatives and -- countless sporting events across the country. It's finding a place to -- the right words and a pair of ice skates and on the side of a Florida bridge. It's folks who are runners tweeting pictures of themselves wearing their -- shirts -- tank grace church Tuesday. Tweeting in this I -- photo of Boston he took with a city looks for all the world like she -- shattered glass. A somber spring night commented. Chris Hatfield. And then for sports -- Boston the ultimate rifle salute the Chicago trips sports page statement of identities. With the Chicago Red Sox the Chicago Bruins well as even this Yankee -- dad says to his Yankee loving daughter. Today we're all rooting for Boston. Yes we are on behalf of the city that in its pain is still all American we want it known the tonight the rest of us. -- -- all Boston. John Donvan ABC news Washington.

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{"id":18973467,"title":"Mayors Menino, Giuliani Praise 'Brave' First Responders in Boston Bombing","duration":"5:52","description":"Both men came together for a special mayor-to-mayor conversation with Diane Sawyer. ","url":"/WNT/video/rudy-giuliani-talks-york-attack-911-18973467","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}