Sales of American-made Airstream RVs reach new heights

Workers at Airstream are proud to play a role in American summer vacations.
2:02 | 08/08/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sales of American-made Airstream RVs reach new heights
Finally tonight here, made in America is back, and so is something else. An American pastime, in fact, it's roaring back. Perhaps right next to you on the highway. ??? Reporter: Airstream and that promise. Building dreams is our business. Every year we make it possible for thousands of Americans from all walks of life to make their travel dreams come true. Reporter: And tonight, new numbers show the sales of American rv's reaching new heights. 430,000 recreational vehicles sold in just the last year. Hey David I'm Bob wheeler and I'm proud to say that airstreams are made in America. Reporter: Just outside Columbus, the American workers proud to play a role in your summer vacation. Carrying the aluminum for every trailer. In 2008, the heart of the recession airstream had 156 employees. Tonight, they're at 830. And who's buying? Hi David, Joe and Kim from Dearborn Michigan -- Reporter: And their kids. Traveling all the way to ansah anastasia state park, St. Augustine, Florida. Hi David -- Reporter: Richard Girard and his wife from dewy Arizona. Their 1975 airstream. We'll be traveling down the road wave if you see us. Reporter: And Elna who wanted to give us a tour. We have a dinette and a lovely kitchen. Reporter: Hi David, this is Reporter: Still getting their timing down. But they have traveling in their airstream perfected. 4 to 5 months a year. And these are all the states that we've been to. I could use their help. 42 feet and we're going to drive this. Yes we are. Reporter: We boarded that brand new winnebago before. Headed to Las Vegas. Hold on, folks! Err -- do I use my blinker? Reporter: We were off. Got a couple of rigs pulling up? Drive carefully, come back soon. Did they just put that up? We survived it and so are American rv companies. More than surviving, thriving. Reporter: Winnebago a billion a half in sales just this year. And back at airstream adding all of those workers, another travel trailer comes to life. With those three words, "Made in America." Made in America. Made in America, and we love those messages from the road. Keep tweeting me your ideas. I I think it's time for a road trip. Thank for watching here on a Monday night. I'm David Muir. I hope to see you right back here tomorrow. From all of us here, good night.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Workers at Airstream are proud to play a role in American summer vacations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"49081245","title":"Sales of American-made Airstream RVs reach new heights","url":"/WNT/video/sales-american-made-airstream-rvs-reach-heights-49081245"}