Save Money on Energy This Winter

Winter expected to be colder than last year in some places with higher energy prices.
1:14 | 11/11/16

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Transcript for Save Money on Energy This Winter
Very cold air moving in across much of this country this weekend and so ABC's chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis tonight. We three simple ways to save on your heating bill it save one family up to a hundred dollars a month. Tonight home heating bills are going up but experts Scott Fisher says most of us can save up to 41 set how many mistakes are most people making. Most people could be saving a significant amount of money today's challenge helped the creek winds of ridgewood New Jersey young beautiful column view things money. First stop big kitchen. This red blower door simulates twenty mile per hour winds. Scott's team showing us where the cold air is seeping in the darker colors are colder spotting problems in virtually every room. Even the light fixtures what are the simple things that you can do is pick up and LED retrofit kit it screws right into the socket there. He's antiques next up. Reese ceiling windows that run a bead of caulk along the molding there finally adding a new door sweep and weather stripping in the entry bringing the Friedman's heating bill down from 420 dollars a month. I think we can get that down somewhere maybe maybe 315 maybe even 320000 Craig. Also Rebecca Jarvis ABC news ridgewood New Jersey.

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{"id":43479518,"title":"Save Money on Energy This Winter","duration":"1:14","description":"Winter expected to be colder than last year in some places with higher energy prices.","url":"/WNT/video/save-money-energy-winter-43479518","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}