Saving Money on Emergency Room Visits

Tips to save more money on ER visits, even if you have insurance.
3:20 | 09/24/13

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Transcript for Saving Money on Emergency Room Visits
axiron. Next we kick off "real money" week, our team criss-crossing the country to find easy ways to put money in your pocket. Tonight how to save on hospital bills the sky high cost of the merge room, even if you have insurance. Abc's paula faris is here to protect your wallet. Reporter: We've been hearing from so much of you sending you your outrageous e.R. Bills. It turns out there are fewer places where you're more vulnerable. For a year now suzanna and phillip have been carrying a heavy burden. We were freaking out. Reporter: Last spring she sent several hours in the emergency room after symptoms she later found out were related to kefr cal cancer. She sent her an $8,000 bill for medication. It was disbelief. I cried. I was like this cannot be right. Reporter: We sent in our expert, michelle tz. The family told her she have been making small monthly payments and wonder if they should dispute their bill. Tip number one, have a medical bag handy containing your current medications so you're not paid for what you don't need. See this charge right here? Had she asked for a written prescription, it would have been 90 times less at her local pharmacy. These? For two tests she had the PREVIOUS DAY AT HER OBs. If the er called she would have found out she already had these done. So what would have been $74 they charged you close to $80. They charged $228. A pregnancy test costs $10. Reporter: While you're there document everything, every treatment you receive, every medication you're given. It's how she would have discovered the er double billed her for this highlighted test. And don't leave without an itemized bill which details your charges and personal information. It's where we saw the er had submitted the wrong birthday. So the money her insurance company was willing to pay never kicked in. And finally, tip number three, even after you resolve errors, there still may be room to negotiate. How did you get her bill reduced? You say, listen, I would like to go over my bill with someone. Explain financially she can't afford this right now. What can we do? Is there a way that we can knock this down. It's a back and forth negotiation? It is. It's almost like dealing with a car. Reporter: What was nearly an $8,000 is now. 1814. Reporter: When you are speaking with the billing department, just throw out a number, tell them what you can afford to pay. You would be surprised how willing many are to negotiate. Our expert, michelle katz is answering your questions on twitter. Follow along using the hashtag abc news "world news." We have a comprehensive list of all of our tips on our website. This is great. You'll be back tomorrow night. This is big retirement fees. They add up. Be sure to tune in tomorrow. Thank you, paula.

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{"id":20363245,"title":"Saving Money on Emergency Room Visits","duration":"3:20","description":"Tips to save more money on ER visits, even if you have insurance.","url":"/WNT/video/saving-money-emergency-room-visits-20363245","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}