School massacre survivor: Every teacher should know 'that they're a hero'

Authorities said they'd received 20 calls about Nikolas Cruz over the last few years.
3:37 | 02/17/18

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Transcript for School massacre survivor: Every teacher should know 'that they're a hero'
As we mentioned, president trump is in Florida at this hour. We promised to visit that community. He was headed to Florida to spend president's day weekend arriving with the first lady, but he also arrives in Florida. The families, many who accept his prayers and condolences, but many demanding action on two fronts, on mental health and Gones. The funerals have begun. 17 lives lost, and four of them children. A teacher and two coaches. I sat down with 12 students who Vo survived and there was something I carried with me since. What they all said about their teachers, one of them whose hand was shaking as they tried to get them into a classroom and to safety. Reporter: Tonight, a community, a country in mourning. The first two victims of the 17 lives lost are laid to rest. Friends and family gathered at 18-year-old meadow Pollack's funeral today. Her service shortly after another funeral for Alyssa aldaheff. A talented soccer player and creative writer. Her mother saying "All she had to offer the world was love." Joaquin Oliver, who just became a U.S. Citizen last year. Alisson torres, shows me her picture of Joaquin. Senior Nicholas dworet had just earned a college scholarship. So many remembering his humor, his humor. His friend, Jonathan, pulling out his phone too to show me Nick's photo. This is my classmate, Nick. He was on the national team for swimming. He committed to the university of Indianapolis a couple, like, two weeks before this happened. A great classmate, a great person, always so nice. Reporter: 37-year-old football coach, Aaron feis. Loved by so many. Coach feis, he put his body on the line, he stopped multiple bullets from hitting students so respected coaches, teachers, administrators at our school. Everyone loved him and, always a positive vibe so just seeing him putting his life on the line for his students just shows how courageous one can be. Reporter: He was one of several who put their students' lives before their own. And tonight, something that struck us. The students who told us every one of their teachers is a hero. Drew telling me about Mrs. Reubenstein who kept calm trying to get everybody back in side. Her handshaking as she tried to get her key into the door. He was trying to get the key in the door, and her hand was shaking. I knew this wasn't a drill. This was real, and we got back in the class, and she told us to be quiet, and calmed us down. Tried to warn us about what was going to happen, when the S.W.A.T. Was going to come in, so I want to thank her. So many of the teachers were the heroes in this. They took you behind the desks or the file cabinet, and in your case, into the closet. What would you like to say to her tonight? I would just like to say thank you so much, and gentlemshe just wanted to relax us, and I knew she wanted to be emotional, but she couldn't for us because if she was then so many other people would have broke down. And when you finally do get back to school, how many of you have teachers you want to thank? Yeah. The whole group. They helped keep you safe and calm. Every teacher deserves to know that they are a hero, even if it's not nod, they are a hero. And it is noted tonight. Those brave students who want their teachers to know they are grateful, and the students who also told me they want action from lawmakers.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"Authorities said they'd received 20 calls about Nikolas Cruz over the last few years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"53156125","title":"School massacre survivor: Every teacher should know 'that they're a hero'","url":"/WNT/video/school-massacre-survivor-teacher-hero-53156125"}