The Secrets of "The Simpsons" Revealed

After 25 years, Marge and Homer are haven't aged a bit and are still going strong.
1:43 | 12/18/14

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Transcript for The Secrets of "The Simpsons" Revealed
and marriage haven't aged a bit, though they've been on the air for 25 years tonight. The secrets of the simpsons revealed with ABC's Clayton Sandell. ? The simpsons ? Reporter: One of the reasons the simpsons have enjoyed a quarter centruy of pop-culture skewing success starts with that attention-grabbing skin color. No accident. The characters are yellow. So when your remote control and you're tuning around, the TV, if you go by a flash of yellow, it's either similar pspsons, spongebob, or tweety bird. Reporter: There are inside jokes galore. That price when Maggie gets scanned at the market? The cost of raising a child back in 1989. Actors often pull quadruple duty. Me fail English? That's un-possible. Reporter: Hank Azaria, for example, voices at least 16 different characters. You have to promise not to commit anymore times. Reporter: And what about that classic homer trademark? D'oh! Reporter: In scripts it's traditionally written simply as "Annoyed grunt." D'oh! Reporter: The fact is each episode actually takes up to nine months to finish. How does the show stay so topical? We seem to be really good at anticipating what's going to be happening. Reporter: And for anyone who thinks the show is going away any time soon, listen to Bart. ? Eat my shorts ? Bart! Reporter: Clayton Sandell, ABC news, Denver. Don't mess with Bart. I'll see you right back here

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{"duration":"1:43","description":"After 25 years, Marge and Homer are haven't aged a bit and are still going strong.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"27680467","title":"The Secrets of \"The Simpsons\" Revealed ","url":"/WNT/video/secrets-simpsons-revealed-27680467"}