Severe Weather: Flash Floods, Water Rescues and Powerful Winds

Warning about a winter storm that could affect holiday travel from coast to coast.
2:16 | 11/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Severe Weather: Flash Floods, Water Rescues and Powerful Winds
And we have a big warning about a rainy, snowy threat to the 43 million americans, who will travel for thanksgiving. Take a look at this, a storm so big, and so messy, you may want to get out your calendar, and think about changing holiday plans. Abc's meteorologist ginger zee starts us off. Reporter: Record rains, killer wind, and dangerous ice. Next week, it may end up sliding up the east coast. Potentially merging with the busiest travel day of the year. The storm, already forcing rescues in a flooded california. Oklahoma roads smothered in ice. Heavy snow is falling from nevada to colorado springs, to southwest kansas. In utah, 80 mile per hour gusts tearing at power lines. And in northern california, the dangerous winds tossing debris, shredding trees and killing three people. We could hear the trees scraping against the house. It sounded like ghosts running around the house. Reporter: In san diego, flooding rains combined with a water main break, swallowing this cab and a van. Hi I'm flooding, I'm stuck in a car, but it's flooding. I need help. Reporter: In oklahoma -- the ice so thick, the roads are now rinks. The storm barrels east as more than 43 million americans prepare to hit the road for the holidays, and following in its footsteps, intense cold. Look what it did in austin, almost 80 degrees yesterday, now almost 40 degrees colder. Shivering in houston, as millions prepare for a whip of winter, before the holidays. As I stand here in a mild new YORK CITY, IN THE MID50s, WE ARE 20 degrees warmer than it is in dallas right now. You know something is up. Look at the map and see who is included in these winter storm watches, which dallas will be, that starts tomorrow -- or sunday morning through monday morning. But look at that, nine states included right now in the winter storm watches, warnings and advisories, diane. And temperatures plummeting. Thank you, ginger. Want everybody to know we'll track this storm with you all through thanksgiving week. Thank you.

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{"id":20986477,"title":"Severe Weather: Flash Floods, Water Rescues and Powerful Winds","duration":"2:16","description":"Warning about a winter storm that could affect holiday travel from coast to coast.","url":"/WNT/video/severe-weather-flash-floods-water-rescues-powerful-winds-20986477","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}