More Severe Weather in the Heartland

New wave of weather whiplash brings snow, wildfires and tornadoes.
1:48 | 05/12/14

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Transcript for More Severe Weather in the Heartland
Millions of people from Michigan to Texas wondering what the night will bring after a kind of -- -- of severe weather over the weekend -- snow and twisters. ABC's Ryan Owens on the devastation of the new extreme weather on the way. Thank my -- our -- the severe threat isn't over tonight after 41 tornadoes were reported this weekend. Terrifying residents of eight states. And sending Storm Chasers scrambling to avoid someone usual obstacles. Including this irrigation equipment. Good to have. Monogram Sunday evening this tornado took aim at Sutton Nebraska at its downtown went from small town post card. To disaster area this is your main street here it looks like a bomb went off how -- nobody died here. Eight attribute that to the early warning systems that we have in fact the police chief is one of the few here with even minor injuries. Those scratches on his face. From the windows of his patrol car shattered by debris. Here on America's win the open plains. Some people lost more than their homes they lost their livelihoods. It will take weeks maybe longer to replace and repair all of this equipment. An essential for the family far. To the west up to three feet of snow in the Colorado Rockies Denver's Coors Field downright frosty. In Texas and California just the opposite. A wildfire in the panhandle burned nearly a hundred homes later this week Californians will deal with high -- and even higher temperatures. Look at triple digits for Los Angeles forecast for Thursday. All week of weather whiplash. Ryan Owens ABC news Sutton Nebraska.

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{"id":23688712,"title":"More Severe Weather in the Heartland","duration":"1:48","description":"New wave of weather whiplash brings snow, wildfires and tornadoes.","url":"/WNT/video/severe-weather-heartland-23688712","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}