Severe weather outbreak in Southeast

At least 30 tornadoes have been reported across seven states, including a tornado in Alabama that picked up trees and snapped power lines Wednesday.
2:11 | 03/18/21

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Transcript for Severe weather outbreak in Southeast
Meantime tonight, severe weather. The threat moving up the east coast at this hour after violent storms across the south, including at least 30 reported tornadoes across seven states. North Carolina in the bulls eye at this hour. And take a look at this. Drone video of a massive twister in Alabama. Violent winds ripping into homes in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and major damage to homes and cars in this neighborhood nearby. In fact, one family describing creating a human chain of sorts as an ef-2 tornado hit. Meteorologist rob Marciano from Raleigh tonight. Reporter: Tonight, the multiday severe weather outbreak marching toward the southeast and mid-atlantic. At least 30 tornadoes reported across seven states, including this one in chocktaw county, Alabama, Wednesday. Outside Tuscaloosa, watch as the roof of a building is ripped off. Then gets caught in power lines. The dangerous nighttime tornado threat lasting well into the early morning hours. By daybreak, major damage but thankfully, no deaths or serious injuries reported. I was praying the whole time. Good lord. Reporter: Our Victor Oquendo in Alabama with one family that's lucky to be alive. My sister that lived here came over there, pulled up to the basement, blowing the horn. She got out of the car and the tornado, it was pulling her away. So my oldest son Trent went out the door, grabbed ahold of her. It was pulling both of them away. So my youngest son stepped out and grabbed hold of them. It was like a human chain. Reporter: Tonight, the national weather service rating that twister an ef-2, with winds of up to 130 miles per hour. Just an awful 24 hours and rob, what are you watching tonight? Reporter: Well, we're just about to get hit here in Raleigh, David. Tornado warnings just to our you can see it on the radar, as well as the tornado watches on the South Carolina border all the way up to Norfolk. Couple more hours of the dicey stuff, but the bigger system going to take awhile. A cold rain to St. Louis, Dayton, Philadelphia to Boston. And that will change over to snow overnight as the low drags everything with it and offshore. But that won't happen, it won't clear out until tomorrow afternoon. David? Rob Marciano, thank you tonight and stay safe, rob, with

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"At least 30 tornadoes have been reported across seven states, including a tornado in Alabama that picked up trees and snapped power lines Wednesday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"76544255","title":"Severe weather outbreak in Southeast","url":"/WNT/video/severe-weather-outbreak-southeast-76544255"}