The shootdown showdown between US and Iran

President Donald Trump said Thursday that the Iranian shootdown of an American drone may not have been intentional, but a "mistake" by someone "stupid."
3:54 | 06/21/19

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Transcript for The shootdown showdown between US and Iran
We are monitoring their showdown between the US and Iran tonight reaching a new flashpoint. After the Ronnie and shot down an American surveillance drone. Here are the pictures tonight from the Pentagon new US surveillance that they say shows that drone that was struck. Falling from the sky. They safety Ronnie has used a surface to air missile to do this to give you an idea what this drone looks like this is the type of surveillance drone as what has the wingspan of a 737. Iran says the US was in a rotting in airspace to US says they were not. President trump suggesting today may be to shoot down was a mistake that it could have been someone quote loose and stupid. But tonight news coming out of an emergency meeting of the situation room and Martha Raddatz leads us off with new images tonight now from the running its seeming to declare. This was no mistake. You Ron claims that this is its surface to air missile streaking towards the US drone last night at 7:30 PM eastern time. Exploding on impact a huge fire ball filling the screen. The video is not verified the US military also releasing its own video of the stricken aircraft. Plummeting into the water shortly after you're running in TV announces the shoot down. Claiming it was in the Romanian airspace it's revolutionary guard court stating. An enemy that violates our borders will not return and will be destroyed. The global hawk one of America's most sophisticated unmanned surveillance aircraft. Its wingspan is brought as a 737. Took off from an air base in the UAE. Hours earlier monitoring the gulf of Oman where recent attacks were carried out on oil tankers. And over the Strait of Hormuz that vital oil shipping waterway. In international. Airspace says the US. When the drone was hit the US navy surging its partner through rough seas to the debris field to recover what they could of the classified aircraft at 10:15 AM after president trump is briefed he tweets this stern warning Iran made a very big mistake. Just over an hour later Iran's foreign minister firing back on Twitter. We don't seek war that will zealously defend our skies land and waters at 1215. The US military weighs in. Pinpointing where the drone was hit some 21 miles from the Iran Ian coast well away from the twelve mile territorial limit. In sharp contrast to be a runny and claimed the drone went down over its territorial waters. This wasn't unprovoked attack. On the US surveillance assets. That had not violated Iranian airspace at any time. During its mission are Iranian reports that this aircraft were shot down over a ring and are categorically faults. At 1240 today from the Oval Office president trump with further warnings emitted very bad mistake. But then a strange twist the president's seeming to question whether were Iran intended to shoot down the drone. And even the significance of the attack. I would imagine it was a general or somebody that they are mistaken shooting. That drone down I find it hard to believe it was intentional if you wanna know the truth I think that it could've been somebody who is loose and stupid that that it. And Martha Raddatz who was on the air with me today with a slot tonight and as this was unfolding Martha tonight even the president suggesting it could have been a mistake. But the Iran eons as you reported there are not backing off their claims of responsibility tonight. They aren't David and as you know miscalculation has always been a fear during this incredibly tense time with Iran. But today a Ronnie an officials themselves made it very clear this wasn't some role the Ronnie an officer accidentally firing a missile. Iran shot that drone down on purpose David Martha Raddatz leading to soft tonight Martha think you.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"President Donald Trump said Thursday that the Iranian shootdown of an American drone may not have been intentional, but a \"mistake\" by someone \"stupid.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"63848747","title":"The shootdown showdown between US and Iran","url":"/WNT/video/shootdown-showdown-us-iran-63848747"}