Siblings' Survive 14-Hour Swim Following Shipwreck

Dan, Kate Suski swim across shark-infested waters after fishing boat sinks in St. Lucia.
1:53 | 04/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Siblings' Survive 14-Hour Swim Following Shipwreck
survival. Two siblings back home safe and sound. After they defied death on the high seas after the coast of st. Lucia. A brother and sister chartering a fishing boat that sank, forcing them to swim for miles to safety in shark infested waters. Tonight they tell their tale. Reporter: Two americans in st. Lucia it was a vacation that quickly turned from paradise to peril. It was intense. It was a long day. Ff the coast dan and his sister kate were reeling in a 200-pound marlin when water rushed into their fishing boat, flooding the engine. The captain radioed for help. He ordered everyone into the water. Huge waves and sheets of rain made things worse, separating them from the crew, leaving them only with their life jackets as night fell. We could see land off in the distance and started swimming in that direction. Reporter: It was an exhausting and painful journey. Their minds were haunted by fears of hypothermia and sharks like this scene from the movie "open water." Finally 14 hours into their water logged nightmare, a patch of hope. We were very lucky. We found a very small sliver of beach and we were able to get to safety. Reporter: They stayed warm on the island by covering themselves with grass and brush. The next day they spa farmer who called for help. Can we use your cell phone to call the police. We didn't know what to say. Reporter: While hospitalized for severe dehydration, they learned the crew had been rescued after 24 hours in the water. Back home kate says she is waking up at dawn every morning and has never looked forward to the sunrise so much in her life. Rob nelson, abc news, new york.

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{"id":19058344,"title":"Siblings' Survive 14-Hour Swim Following Shipwreck","duration":"1:53","description":"Dan, Kate Suski swim across shark-infested waters after fishing boat sinks in St. Lucia.","url":"/WNT/video/siblings-survive-14-hour-swim-shipwreck-19058344","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}