New Space Race Underway

It's a battle of the billionaires as they try to outdo one another in their quest for space exploration.
1:35 | 12/23/15

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Transcript for New Space Race Underway
Two. This is SpaceX is return to flight after its last rocket blew up. But this mission was approved more than delivering eleven small satellites to space this was about returning the main rocket the first stage to earth and landed at TV news. Fluently speak six workers at the California headquarters and he keeps an enemy could see it returning. And SpaceX CEO and Tesla electric car magnate Elon Musk. Called the reusable rockets. One of the keys to going to Mars he got an up close look shortly after the falcon 91 stage landed but mosque is not alone there is a new space race a private company space race underway. Call it the battle of the billionaires. A month ago this blue origin rocket stage landed after a test launch of victory for that company's founder. Amazon CEO Jeff bays looks at the time must needles days those tweeting congratulations but adding there is a quote. Difference between space and orbit the back and forth continued last night with days it was offering contracts to mosque but then adding welcome to the club so the battle continues but for the first time. Rockets are reusable. Making reaching space even more affordable. David Curley ABC news Washington.

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{"duration":"1:35","description":"It's a battle of the billionaires as they try to outdo one another in their quest for space exploration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"35915139","title":"New Space Race Underway","url":"/WNT/video/space-race-underway-35915139"}