A Special Surprise at the Tournament of Roses

A soldier home from Afghanistan stops parade to surprise his son.
1:24 | 01/01/13

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Transcript for A Special Surprise at the Tournament of Roses
And finally tonight here, as you likely know, it is a tradition every new year's, the rose parade. But today an image no one was expecting, not even a little boy, who hadn't seen his father in nearly a year. Here can yam and her 4-year-old son eric had flown back to the states, to california. Mom and son living in germany while dad is deployed to afghanistan. They thought they'd won a contest to come home, and the prize? A trip to the rose parade. What did you have to do to win? My husband just entered his name, I guess, I just got a call, letting me know that we won. He is a soldier stationed in afghanistan. Yes, he's in afghanistan right now. Reporter: Or so she thought. Her husband, eric, was right there, at the parade. On the float, proudly wearing his uniform and making his way toward them. As mom and her 4-year-old son was posing for a picture, they then turn and an that little 4-year-old looks up, making his way over, right into the arms of his father. It was really great experience. The first thing I thought was, oh, my lord, I hope she's not going to slap me for lying to her. And seeing our son's face, you know, how he reacted and I was really caught up in the moment. Reporter: A family, together again, just in time for the new year. They hadn't seen each other in seven months.

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{"id":18109958,"title":"A Special Surprise at the Tournament of Roses","duration":"1:24","description":"A soldier home from Afghanistan stops parade to surprise his son.","url":"/WNT/video/special-surprise-tournament-roses-18109958","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}