Split-Second Decisions That Could Save Your Life

Former Navy Seal Cade Courtley?s tips on staying safe in life-threatening situations.
1:51 | 08/23/13

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Transcript for Split-Second Decisions That Could Save Your Life
You likely heard ginger mentioning earlier the storms on the way this weekend. What happens when that extreme weather brings down the power lines? Tonight abc's gio benitez inside a car and it turns out the floor mat could be the key to getting out alive. Reporter: They are the split-second decisions in extreme weather that could mean life or death. What is he doing? Reporter: How do you survive until help arrives? If you think and act like a navy seal, you can survive anything. Reporter: When disaster strikes in the car, do you abandon ship, or stay put? It depends on the situation. Reporter: One of the most common disasters, a downed pour line on top of a car. A hazard anywhere. If you're not in immediate dangerous, stay put. But what if your car's on fire if you have to get out. Open your door, grab that mat, put it out, a foot and a half, two feet outside. You just killed yourself because you allowed an ark to come through one way that was separated and killed yourself. If you keep your feet together out on the mat and without touching the vehicle, go ahead and push yourself up. Keep the feet together now slowly hop with your feet together away from the car. Right. That's your best bet for getting out of this. But again, you only want to get out if you have to. Otherwise experts say, stay in your car if a power line falls on it. The floor mat, who knew? Also tonight on "20/20," we reveal the ten most dangerous roads in america. Is one of them in your hometown? Tonight on a special "20/20" at 10:00 p.M. Eastern.

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{"id":20053582,"title":"Split-Second Decisions That Could Save Your Life","duration":"1:51","description":"Former Navy Seal Cade Courtley?s tips on staying safe in life-threatening situations.","url":"/WNT/video/split-decisions-save-life-20053582","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}