Spring Snowstorm Creates Unexpected Road Conditions

Gio Benitez, Sam Champion track the latest weather across America.
3:19 | 03/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spring Snowstorm Creates Unexpected Road Conditions
Tonight, record amounts of snow are still falling and just watch. We have a time lapse video of the snow piling up and spiling up and continuing to pile up overnight in st. Louis. are so slick, crash and injuries have doubled from a year ago. Our extreme weather team tracking the mess on the roads tonight. Abc's gio benitez starts us off. Reporter: Across the midwest the drive is rough. For these cars, the drive out is impossible. Cars, even snowplows littering the interstate. It's not what spring should look like and police can't keep up. Ready do go. Reporter: We rodelong as policeman rich sergeant showed us the dangerous roads. As you're driving in indiana, you see car after car. In canada at least one dead. Police say they've seen twice as many accidents, more than a thousand injuries there this winter up from 500. Thanks to the late season snowstorms. One dead in st. Louis where they recorded the most snowfall on a march day ever in neighboring missouri, cars slipping and sliding. Here in the midwest where people are famously used to long, cold winters, even they have had enough. I'm ready for it to quit, though. Ready to see green grass and flowers and spring. Reporter: As midwest picks up the pieces, the east coast bracing for a storm. The weather all right starting to deteriorate in new york and d.C. And we love the pictures you have been sending us. A robin in a snowy tree. And a family cat looking as fed up with it all as we are. And an easter bunny made out of the snow. What's next? Let's bring in sam champion. Sam? Reporter: Good evening, diane. If everyone is winter worried, there's a good reason for it. We've had 29 snow events in new york this winter. Indianapolis has had more than 50 days of snow in the winter season into the first part of spring. This is what this storm did, went from denver to d.C., Even to delaware with a line of snow. And heavy accumulating snow? Central illinois. If you're looking for spring, not tomorrow morning. Look at the dip in jet stream, behind us exiting low on this system. Plenty of cold air. Early morning tweers in the TEENAND 20s. Here's the high temperatures tomorrow. Still the jet stream pattern KEEPING THE 30s AND 40s FOR MOST Of the countries for high temperatures tomorrow. But wait, don't turn off the tv yet because spring is coming, diane. It may be the end of the week. Watch this big push of warm air GETTING US INTO THE 50s AND 60s For most of the country. That will be good news for everyone who is winter weary. Thank you so much, sam.

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{"id":18809830,"title":"Spring Snowstorm Creates Unexpected Road Conditions","duration":"3:19","description":"Gio Benitez, Sam Champion track the latest weather across America.","url":"/WNT/video/spring-snowstorm-creates-unexpected-road-conditions-18809830","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}