'Standing Up for Heroes' Benefit Raises Money for Wounded Veterans

Bob Woodruff has latest on veterans' fundraiser held at Empire State Building.
3:00 | 11/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Standing Up for Heroes' Benefit Raises Money for Wounded Veterans
look, live at the empire state building, lit up in red, white and blue in honor of an event, championed by our own bob woodruff. It is the sixth annual stand up for heroes, raising money for wounded veterans. And stars from bruce springsteen to john moayer will take the stage, including a group of veterans that will bring their powerful song. And bob brings us that story tonight. Reporter: At last year's stand up for heroes bene was the boss bringing the house down. ♪ this year, joining him, a different band of brothers. I was in afghanistan and i lost my leg above the knee. Blew both my legs off above the knee immediately. Reporter: Wounded vetera now students of a program at walter reed called music orp. Taught instruments. Taught to use their new bodies. The idea came to pianist arthur bloom while visiting the hospital. He noticed injured veterans sitting alone, in silence for hours. Their life gets blown up in every sense of the word. What we're trying to do is really e-inject a sense of excellence. Reporter: Excellence and healing. There are an increasing number of studies that show music can help an injured brain heal. Uninjured part can compensate for injured part. Reporter: I have an injured brain. Should I -- can I play music with you? Music corps pairs up veterans with some of the world's biggest stars. This is eric, one of our lead guitar players. Reporter: That's roger waters, frontman of pink floyd. And after seeing the crowd at last year's stand up for heroes event, roger had an idea. I thought, what if they would let me try to put a band together that had a bunch of the guys in it. These guys. ♪ Reporter: They became the wounded warriors band. ♪ this is a dream, I can't imagine you ever thought of. No. Never imagined it. ♪ Knock knock nothing on heaven's door ♪ Reporter: Tonight, together on the stage, you might not always see their scars. You will see their souls. Bob woodruff, abc news, new york. And with the gratitude of this country, you can go to abcnews.Com to see how you can watch the stand up for heroes event at 8:00 eastern time. And also, learn how you can join a mentoring program for veterans.

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{"id":17676360,"title":"'Standing Up for Heroes' Benefit Raises Money for Wounded Veterans","duration":"3:00","description":"Bob Woodruff has latest on veterans' fundraiser held at Empire State Building.","url":"/WNT/video/standing-heroes-benefit-raises-money-wounded-veterans-17676360","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}