Sticky Fingers in the Workplace

From pens to televisions to co-workers' belongings, when has stealing gone too far?
3:00 | 10/10/13

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Transcript for Sticky Fingers in the Workplace
-- real answers back with secrets from behind closed doors. How honest are all the people around you how much to co workers steal from the office and each other and at what point does -- little thing become a crime. ABC's Paul affairs brings us the videotape. Judy Oakes a former school administrator accused this week of stealing from her workplace -- lunch money and her broad. One point eight million dollars over fourteen years so it's not cold hard cash it's cuts. This guy doesn't think twice about stealing his co workers lunch Brady and company fridge. I hear surveillance video catches an employee taking a few 24 herself. When counting the cash register -- It's very easy to change. -- -- of the association of certified fraud examiners travels the country teaching employers how to crack down on crimes. That could potentially -- companies upwards of 3.5 trillion worldwide. Stealing money software office supply inventory. This case a flat screen TV. Watching -- in this fellow -- still no one is looking did make his move. Did this a recent survey by a security firm shows that 95%. Of employees are stealing from their employer in some capacity. Office supplies information and in some professions time like shopping online when you should be working when I walked up under the -- my beef. Technically you are die yeah -- -- eighteen months in the slammer for embezzling 500 -- from her employer she says it started small. And I notice that that put my our personal travel on money. Corporate profile -- American Express card. It -- spiraled out of control Alison. In criminal -- to learn the bad behavior became the norm most of the employee theft. Is is being perpetrated by people who are sort sort of speak normal employees they can justify this because the company will never miss it. But that -- -- can be harsh Judith folks she's pled not guilty. But faces eleven years behind bars if convicted. Now office that -- is a dirty little secret -- a players do not want to get out because it reflects poorly at their business and Diane. Since there is very little monetary were talking about surveillance cameras not much is done about it but this patent. -- keep it right where I've got to bring back that yellow marker so what do you think that they really do 3.5 trillion dollars. Worldwide you just don't think it's really can impact the bottom line. It certainly does okay thanks Paula getting real answers again.

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{"id":20537086,"title":"Sticky Fingers in the Workplace","duration":"3:00","description":"From pens to televisions to co-workers' belongings, when has stealing gone too far?","url":"/WNT/video/sticky-fingers-workplace-20537086","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}