Syria denounces the U.S.-led attack

Syria responded to the U.S.-led attack, saying the country's defenses knocked many of the missiles out of the sky.
1:44 | 04/15/18

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Transcript for Syria denounces the U.S.-led attack
And tonight, while the U.S. And its allies are cng the military action a success, a very different fsyria, miy knocked wn many of those missiles out of the sky. And supporters of the Assad regime ran Damascus today, denouncing the u.s.-led ck. ABC's James Longman reporting from the region tonight. Reporter: The smolderin aftermath .S. Led airstr, but tonight a precting strength. Thideo from bashar Al Assad's twr account trying to suggest business as usual for the embattled ident. The regime keen for the world to see it has support. Celebrationsclaims that 71 coalition rockets were intercepted or shot down. But the U.S. Military says that's nrue, none of S's ace-to-air missiles hit R ets. Key ally Russia, angry at the St the defeministry suggesting upgrading syair defenssystem. In a security council meeting, ssia's u.nssador repeating their wild claim the chemical attack was D foren intelligence services. Ttoas one yea ago when the airbase in Syria came under attack, the U.S. Used as a pretext the staged chal attack Ast civilians. Reporter: Adding, their inspectors foutraces of toxic agents when they visited the sites. And blocking a U.N. Investigation into who's responsible. James Longman joinslive in Beirut. Very close to Syria. Independent investigs syri collect evidence on the suspected chemical att Reporter: That's right, Tom. Ical inspectors were due to start their work today in douma, an area of opposition that the an regime CL is fully back in their col. Tom. James Longman reporting from Beirut. I want to bring in military

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{"duration":"1:44","description":"Syria responded to the U.S.-led attack, saying the country's defenses knocked many of the missiles out of the sky.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"54475642","title":"Syria denounces the U.S.-led attack","url":"/WNT/video/syria-denounces-us-led-attack-54475642"}