Teen Shot and Killed by Missouri Police Officer

Video shows 18-year-old pointing a gun at police officer in Berkeley, Missouri, a suburb of Ferguson.
1:53 | 12/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teen Shot and Killed by Missouri Police Officer
Now, to a new wave of violence near Ferguson, Missouri. A black teenager is shot and killed by a white police officer. And take a look at this. A gas station surveillance camera shows the 18-year-old allegedly pointing a gun at police, just moments before an officer shoots and kills him. The deadly confrontation just two miles from Ferguson, where Michael brown was killed. Tensions erupting last night. Hundreds of protesters clashed with police. And now new questions about the officer's body cam. Here's ABC's Alex Perez. Reporter: Mayhem overnight in Berkeley, Missouri. Protesters looting and tossing fireworks at officers. All this after a white police officer shot and killed 18-year-old Antonio martin at another gas station nearby. Police say the officer was responding to reports of a robbery and released this surveillance video. Watch closely. Police say it shows martin confronting and pointing a gun at the officer. From another angle, you see a flash and then a man standing next to martin fleeing. Another camera shows the officer stumbling backwards. The individual produced a pistol with his arm straight out, pointing at the officer. The officer produced his service weapon and fired. Reporter: Investigators recovered a preponderate 9 millimeter handgun at the scene. Police say martin had a criminal record, buzz his mother said he had no gun. Try to get his life back together. Try to get him back in school and stuff. Reporter: The shooting, just two miles from Ferguson, where the shooting death of Michael brown triggered months of protest. But the mayor of Berkeley says his city doesn't face the same racial tensions. First of all, we have a majority of Blake officers in our city. Reporter: The officer in this shooting had a body camera in his car but had not clipped it to his uniform. That officer, a six-year veteran of the force, authorities say, they're working to analyze and an has that surveillance individuvideo.

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{"duration":"1:53","description":"Video shows 18-year-old pointing a gun at police officer in Berkeley, Missouri, a suburb of Ferguson.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"27822290","title":"Teen Shot and Killed by Missouri Police Officer","url":"/WNT/video/teen-shot-killed-missouri-police-officer-27822290"}