Terrifying Emergency Landing for Hawaiian Airlines Airplane

Passengers watched from inside the cabin as crews sprayed foam after landing in Maui to prevent fire.
1:42 | 05/13/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Terrifying Emergency Landing for Hawaiian Airlines Airplane
Last night here, we reported on that American landing here at home. A jet coming down, its landing gear failing. Well tonight, to another emergency landing, this time in Hawaii. A jet from Honolulu, thick smoke coming from the engine. When the plane lands, can you see them there, they rushed to extinguish one of the engines. The passengers told to stay on board. Tonight, what they heard, right before the pilot brought the plane down. Here's ABC's David Kerley. Reporter: An emergency landing ending with crews spraying foam on the left engine of a hawaiian airlines jet. Passengers inside watching as their windows are hit by water and foam. No evacuation. Passengers stay in their seats until the plane is up toed to the gate. We heard two pops and a little bit of a shake with each pop. I was nervous when I heard the popping and the stewardesses running around, I was most nervous about landing. Reporter: Hawaiian airlines saying the small Boeing 717 experienced an engine surge. It's similar to a backfire in a car. Watch this 747 as it experiences one. In today's case, the pilots decided to divert and make that emergency landing in maui. This is the second incident in two weeks for hawaiian. Wow. Reporter: These passengers got out of a 767 on emergency slides. That jet had an odd smell after takeoff. Turns out it was a bad air conditioning system, metal on metal creating the smell. It's been a scary few days of emergency landings. Yesterday, we saw metal on concrete, as that united express jet scraped to a stop without a left landing gear in los Angeles. In all three of these incidents, passengers praised the pilots and the crews for bringing their emergency situations to a safe conclusion. David? David Kerley, who covers aviation for us. David, thank you.

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{"duration":"1:42","description":"Passengers watched from inside the cabin as crews sprayed foam after landing in Maui to prevent fire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"30996711","title":"Terrifying Emergency Landing for Hawaiian Airlines Airplane","url":"/WNT/video/terrifying-emergency-landing-hawaiian-airlines-airplane-30996711"}